Gravity at G Hotel Kelawai Penang

A step out from the elevator and the spectacular view of Penang Island awaits you at Gravity, G Hotel Kelawai. Located on the 24th floor of the hotel, Gravity is definitely a spot that always welcomes one to an amazing experience up here. Nothing beats chillin' back, relaxing and enjoying the delicious bites, snacks and drinks from the menu while enjoying the fantastic and jaw-dropping view. It's a awesome sight, watching the sun set, til the town turns into a magical city of lights at night.

Every corner of the place is just so picturesque.

Time for us to explore the delicious variety of food found in the menu.

Are you ready? :)

Cured Salmon Carpaccio -  RM38 nett 
 Thinly sliced house marinated fresh salmon with capers, baby arugula salad and yuzu vinaigrette. 

As simple as the dish may look, but the flavours in all combined offers a pleasant taste.

Chiang Mai Sausage - RM28 nett 
Grilled homemade spicy chicken sausage with rose apple salad and spicy “nam prik” chilli dip.

It may look harmless, but one bite into it, the fiery spicy kick kicks in.

 Korean Style Chicken Drumlet - RM28 nett 
Marinated chicken drumlets sautéed with spicy gochujang paste and sesame seeds.

The delicious marination is what makes the dish so tempting.

Meat Fantasy Pizza RM28 nett
 served with pepperoni, chicken slices, beef slices with mozzarella cheese.

Smoked Cheesy Sausage Pizz RM28 nett
 Served with specially made pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and arugula salad.

Prawn on Toast -RM28 nett—
Deep fried prawns coated with egg and served with ebiko mayo.

Behind each bite of crunchiness is the fresh taste of succulent prawns.

Tuna Croquette - RM28 nett
Japanese breaded potato croquettes topped with cucumber, tuna mayonnaise and quail egg.

One you pop, you just can't stop. 

Spiced Lamb Filo, RM28 nett 
Spiced lamb keema wrapped in filo pastry served with mint chutney.

The delicious flavour of the spiced lamb keema covered by the flaky filo pasty was good. Every bite into the flaky filo pasty, makes you wanting more of it.

Sichuan Dumpling RM28 nett 
The handmade chicken dumplings served with spicy Sichuan sesame dressing, scallions and chilli flakes.

Now this is the bomb. The nice mild spicy kick certainly makes one wanting more of it.

 “Ham-Dan” Chicken Slider (Chicken Lava) - RM28 nett
Juicy chicken patties with molten salted egg yolk served with coleslaw.

 Gravity Chicken Burger - RM38 nett 
 served with brioche, chicken patty, egg, coleslaw and grilled spicy pineapple.

 Gravity Beef Burger RM38 nett
Served with brioche, beef patty, egg, coleslaw and grilled spicy 

Chilli Soft-Shell Crab - RM48 nett  
served with Thai “kerabu” salad.

 Beef Meatball- RM28 nett 
Homemade meatballs in spicy tomato sauce served with toasted baguettes

Take a slice of the baguette and scoop the meatball and sauce. 

Fries - RM18 nett
served with chilli sauce and tomato.

 Twisted Fries - RM18 nett 
served with chilli sauce and tomato.

Crispy Chips & Pico De Gallo - RM18 nett
 Crispy corn chips with homemade tomato and cilantro salsa.

 Gravity Charcuterie - RM68 nett 
Chef’s selection of foie gras pate, jumbo sausage, smoked duck breast, chicken roulade and pickles.

It's like a platter of heavenly goodies.

Jameson Jug - RM80 nett per jug
a bubbly malt blend of Jameson Irish Whisky and ginger ale, spruced with fresh lime and ice cubes.

Smirnoff Vodka - RM55 nett for 12 tubes 
a riot of colour tubes which is blended with cranberry, orange, Blue curacao mix with 7 up and lime.

 Rainbow Margarita- RM38 nett for 5 shots
 blended with Tequila, Triple sec, lime juice, Pre mixed margarita, Blue curacao, Orange juice and Grenadine syrup.

Flaming Lamborghini - RM48 nett 
Their special drink for birthday guest blended with Kahlua, Sambuca, Blue Curacao Liqueur and Bailey’s.

It's on fire!

Trust me, you will fall in love with the night view. 

Gravity is a place to chill and relax that offers not only selection of nice treats but also a scenery view that leaves one in amazement. So if you have yet to pop up there, I guess you should make your way up real soon.

Thanking G Hotel Kelawai Penang for the warm hospitality.

For more information:
G Hotel Kelawai
2 Persiaran Maktab
10250 Penang
Tel : +604 - 219 0000

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