Akiyoshi at Automall, Karpal Singh Drive Penang

Located within the busy spot of Automall, Akiyoshi welcomes diners to a dining spot that not only pampers the palates with all the gorgeous creations that brings such beautiful flavours, but also makes dining experience quite different in a way. As you read on, you will spot what makes this place cosy and unique, a different ambiance from the other restaurants.

One step into the place and you will love the nice environment that welcomes you.

The long seating by the glass panels has a pretty cool view outside.

The evening started off with a special invited mixologist who hailed from down south, Johor who showcased the special mix for Akiyoshi called Mayoshi.

Tadahhhhhh *wink,wink* looks good right. Yum yum.

Alright, here's some of the highlights from the menu. 

Sashimi Moriawase Take
(Assortment of raw fish) RM 168

If you're a big fan of sashimi, then you will have to order this.

Akiyoshi Maki
(Akiyoshi Special roll) RM 28

Looks good doesn't it? Once you start popping the first one in, you can't stop.

Aspara Bacon
(Asparagus Bacon Roll) RM 16

This was simply satisfying. Every bite into the delicious bacon was just deliciously good with the asparagus.

Satsuma age 
(Fish cakes) RM10

The Chef behind the glass panels preparing the grilled items.

California Maki
(California roll) rm18

Shake Kama Syioyaki 
(Salmon head) RM 26

(Chicken skewer) RM 10

The skewer items were just so tempting. Nice juicy tender bits of chicken coated in such a fragrant aroma sauce.

Tori Tsukune 
(Japanese chicken meatball skewer) RM 16

Gindara Teriyaki
(Cod fish) rm38

Kaniko salada 
(Crab roe) RM 16

Tori Nankotsu
(Chicken cartilage) RM 16

To be honest, this dish it's either you enjoy chicken cartilage or probably just not used to it.

Oyako Don
(Sliced chicken with onion, mushroom and egg) RM 20

Kaki Furai
( Deep fried oyster) RM 28

Bite into the delicious oysters coated with outer crunchiness.

Tori Katsu Kare Rice 
(Served with chicken cutlet) RM 20

That is a huge portion. Satisfyingly good.

Ebi Kakiage 
(Mixed sliced vegetables tempura) RM 23

I guess it's hard to resist these deep-fried goodies.

Una Don
(Grilled Eel) RM 48

Now here's the interesting part that makes Akiyoshi unique in its own way. At 9pm onwards, there will be live band performing there. Wow! Something truly different isn't it and it gets better, the kitchen last call is 12.30am. Which means you can still enjoy Japanese food at midnight. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Akiyoshi Automall 
Business hour : 11.30am till 2:30am 
Kitchen close 12:30am 
Live band starts from 9pm until 1:30am 
After 9pm smoking in the premises is allowed

Automall, Persiaran Karpal Singh 2,
11600 George Town, Penang.
Tel: 016-497 6736
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