Alice Salad Roll at Occupy Beach Street Penang

Many would have been familiar with the Vietnamese Rolls as it's quite a hit back here but there's another roll which you should also look forward to. Not only does it look so appealing but one dip into the sauce and you'll be craving for more.

There's a humble stall which sells Thailand salad rolls on Sundays during the Occupy Beach Street. Located just directly opposite the Happy Mart.

Alice Salad Roll is a Thailand roll made almost identical, from rice paper wrappers and heaps of gorgeous fresh vegetables and crab sticks. Just looking at the vibrant colours of the vegetables is already so tempting. 

The salad comes with 2 types of sauce. A Lemon Mayo Sauce and Seafood. The best part is the sauce is made from scratch, not ready sauce from bottles or containers. 

Below is the Lemon Mayo  & Seafood Sauce. The Lemon Mayo has a nice fragrant aroma while the Seafood Sauce offers a mild kick of spiciness in it.

Alice Salad Roll is only sold on Sundays at Occupy Beach Street along Beach Street Penang, therefore in order grab yours, you will have to make your way there in the mornings. They are usually sold out by late mornings. So make sure you pop over early :)

For more information:
Alice Salad Roll
016-418 4431 / 011-51202294

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