Farquhar Mansion - Fine Dining to Ultimate Chef's Tasting Menu

Farquhar Mansion is a no stranger when it comes to delectable fine dining cuisine and splendid attentive service. The Chefs at Farquhar Mansion are always taking up their creativity up one notch and they have just recently came up with another round of new creations that continues to delight the palates of diners with their Ultimate Chef's Tasting Menu. 

I was privileged to be there again to experience and savour the new items that the chefs has finely created.

They are undergoing some renovation works on the outer facade of the building, business is open as usual.

Here is a look at the interior. Simple yet elegant, making it such a cozy spot to chill back and enjoy every moment.

While the upper floor space is specially dedicated for members of the Farquhar Mansion Fine Dining & Lounge House Club Nobleman & Royal Membership. 

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Now shall we have a look at the delicious items that I enjoyed that night.

Oh, and time to be pampered with the excellent service by the crew <3 p="">

The welcome bread, a choice of either warm Multi Grain or Ciabatta served with Black Truffle Butter. Each bun offered different texture on overall but once when you got the black truffle butter spread in the bun, the warmness from the bun melting the butter giving you a nice fragrant aroma.


Bonito Arancini
Paprika Aioli | Dill | Gold Leaf | Mozzarella

Potato Souffle
Pickled Cucumber | Eel | Sesame Oil | Mayo

Starting off with these 2 delicious bite size snacks offering a nice crunch on bite. The Bonito Arancini had mozzarella coated in crumbs, and biting into it had the mozzarella oozing out. A nice blend of cheesy taste with some crunch and paprika aioli to enhanced the overall taste.

While the Potato Souffle on another hand, one bite into the ball of crunch, gave a nice blend of flavours from the eel, pickled cucumber, mayo, potato and a tinge of fragrant sesame oil to boost the taste.


Aubergine Oreo
Prune Chutney | Cilantro | Garlic Cream Cheese Frosting | Ten-Don Shooter

First glance at this and it strongly resembles like Oreo and milk. I guess the concept was inspired by the combination of dunking Oreo into milk. So the Aubergine Oreo which contains prune chutney, cilantro and garlic cream cheese frosting is then enjoyed by dipping into the Ten-Don Shooter. A nice savoury take with a twist to its look.


Otak Sphere | Dried Pineapple | Mango Custard | Pecan Nut | Glaze Tomato | Coconut Soil | Ginger Crisp

It's like a mix of fruitilicious making you feel like in a tropical Hawaii. The otak sphere is pretty neat. One pop and it comes out bursting. The dish overall gave a nice very fruity experience. 

Chicken Roulade
Morel | Fungi Puree | Pop Corn | Chicken Skin

The chicken roulade was done just right. Tender and juicy together with the nice aroma from the morels in the middle.

Duo Foie Gras
Foie Gras Lollipop | Seared Foie Gras | Maldon Sea Salt | Char Broiche | Granny Smith Puree

Mention about Foie Gras, and it automatically relates to luxury food which is a very popular French cuisine. If you didn't know, Foie Gras is actually the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially fattened.  The beauty about Foie Gras is that it offers a smooth buttery delicate texture with a strong iron like taste. For this dish, you get to enjoy Foie Gras in 2 different style of serving. 

Abalone | Clam | Tiger Grouper | Sea Cucumber | White Raddish | Ginger Jam
A dish made up of treasures of the sea. A delightful dish for those who especially love seafood.

Sorbet is more than just a treat, it help removes lingering flavors from the mouth to further enhance your culinary experience.

Angus Beef Loin
Beef Cheek Tarlet | Smoked Beef Jus | Home-made Crispy Beancurd | Black Garlic Aioli

The presentation itself is already so appealing. The beef was nicely done, having remaining its juicy moist. While existance of the beancurd certainly is something new, but surprisingly it did compliment well as a dish.

Chestnut Mousse 
Almond Crumble | Coffee Pearl  | Vanilla | Chestnut Chip

Just look at how beautiful the dessert is. Such a perfect way to end the meal with. 

Ultimate Chef's Tasting Menu
RM 278.00 ++

*Price is subject to 10% Service Charge & 6% SST

It was a night of splendor with the luxuriousness of ambiance, service and exquisite scrumptious cuisine. With the beautiful heritage building, gorgeous interior and ambiance, friendly crew and delicious creations, Farquhar Mansion fits for all occasions. Be it a casual, romantic dinner or a celebration, experience fine dining at its best at Farquhar Mansion.

Thank you Farquhar Mansion for the invitation and allowing me to be pampered with all the luxury dining back there :)

For more information :
Farquhar Mansion
33, Lebuh Farquhar,
10200 George Town,
Tel: +6019 - 5288 933

Operating Hours:
Lunch   : 12.00PM – 02.30PM
Hi Tea   : 03.00PM – 05.00PM (Tue – Sun)
Dinner  : 06.00PM – 10.30PM
Lounge : 10.00PM – 01.00AM

Dress Code:
Smart casual – covered shoes, long pants, collared and sleeved tops for gentlemen.
Presentable for ladies.

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