Han Sik Ga - True Korean Dining @ Gurney Plaza Penang

The love for Korean fare is ever growing and there's a new spot located on the 7th floor of Gurney Plaza which offers a nice selection of traditional Korean cuisine that would leave you wanting for more. Han Sik Ga, as the shop is called which means Traditional Korean Meal House.

As you approach the restaurant, you will notice the beautiful exterior and as you enter, you will find yourself all set to dine in such a nice cozy ambiance. Han Sik Ga not only focuses highly on giving you the best experience when it comes to dining, but also offering dishes that are prepared as authentic as what you will get in Korea. The cuisines are prepared by a Korean chef herself, you get to enjoy the best from her very own recipe of Korean delicacies.

So it's more like having a true Korean meal with all the beautiful traditional flavours and taste. except that you're enjoying the authenticity of it back here instead of being in Korea. Much like bringing Korea here to you :) I like that ^^

Alright, so here's a look at some of the food that I had the chance to savour upon and it was just fabulous. 

The first thing up that we tried was one of the signature item.

S04 Bossam (M-RM50 , L-RM70) 
The main ingredient of the dish is braised pork belly and shoulder which is boiled with pork meat & bone for a couple of hourse. Served with crunchy radish kimchi, green coral lettuce, radish, pickles and bean paste.  

One of the best thing knowing is the slices of juicy pork slices are placed on a steamer which contains the pork meat & bone soup. So while the soup is being boiled beneath, the pork above maintain its moisture. 

To enjoy it is so simple. grab a lettuce, a slice or 2 of the pork, place the condiments and sauce, give it a wrap and in it goes. Yumz! Healthy and delicious. Best enjoyed with soju :)

Just look at how juicy moist it is.

Next up was a stew dish item.

B05 Heamul Sundubu Jjigae (RM24) 
The name of the dish, Haemul which means seafood while Sundubu means soft tofu. It is made up of soft tofu stew with assorted seafood such as clams, prawns; minced pork & vegetables. Just mild spicy, which was just perfect. Served with rice. Generally this dish is a favourite among local Malaysians.

Bibimbap is definitely a no stranger in Korean cuisine. 

A06 Jaeyuk Dolsot Bibimbap (RM24) 
All you got to do is pour the sauce in, and give it a nice stir. Mixing all the ingredients like spicy pork & assorted vegetables. 

Under the "Guk Su" section, which is noodles, I had the chance to try a pretty unique noodle dish.

F06 Nakji Somyun (RM32) 
Spicy marinated baby octopus is served together with Korean thin noodles & vegetables. The noodles are actually served in room temperature and requires you to give it a good stir, mixing the sauce, the baby octupus and sauce; all together and you're set to enjoy it. 

Just looking at the Dakgalbi, makes you drool instantly. Once it arrives on your table, you're already in anticipation to grab your cutlery and ATTACK! Well that was what happened to me..shhhhhhhh.. hahaha :p

D01 Gochujang Dakgalbi (RM35) 
The dish is actually made up of spicy pan fried chicken with assorted vegetable and rice cakes. I would suggest and encourage you to order with the cheese add-on and rice. But be warned, once you start, there's no turning back. The temptation is real! It's so so good. 

Now the chef taught us another awesome method to enjoy it. Eat the Dakgalbi halfway, then take the rice, pour it into the Dakgalbi, and fry it. Most common, we would have thought that we would have take the Dakgalbi gravy and pour over the rice, nop. Not for this. After the rice was fried in the Dakgalbi, trust me. You will be loving it so MUCH! One serving is good to pamper the palates of 2-3 pax.

Just look at the cheese. Yummmeh!

There also another item on the menu that you have got to try. It's a Korean Special that makes you go finger licking.

H01 Dakganjeong
 Don't be fooled by the simple explanation "fried boneless chicken in Korean sweet sauce".  One bite, and you're hooked. I just love fried chicken when they're boneless haha. The whole dish was just amazingly delicious. Tender chunks of chicken meat with a nice crust crunch and that nice sweet fragrant sauce that coats it, can I have like 10 plates of it please.

Oh yes, spot the white pickles by the side? I was informed that the white pickles helps to reduce the oiliness from the fried chicken.

You go to Korea and you will find people enjoying their friend chicken with  Korean beer. So back here, it's the same. Order a nice cold Korean beer and munch away your perfect snack :) 

So this are just some of the highlights from Han Sik Ga, there's heaps more of other items on the menu awaiting you to try. To experience True Korean Dining, you have got to pop over to Han Sik Ga and allow Han Sik Ga to do their wonders in pampering your palate with their beautiful Korean cooking and flavours.

Thanking Han Sik Ga for hosting.

*Prices shown are subject to tax and service charge.

For more information:
Han Sik Ga
170-07-09/10, Gurney Plaza, 
Persiaran Gurney, 
10250 George Town, Penang.
Daily : 11am-10pm
Tel: 04-218 9246

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