Kota Dine & Coffee - A Hidden Gem In Fort Cornwallis Penang

Located within the historical site of Fort Cornawallis in Penang, 'Kota Dine & Coffee - when Francis meets rempah' is definitely one of those must visit spot that welcomes you on a gastronomic adventure. It's a place that offers a scrumptious variety of local cuisine as well international fare that blends with the usage of local ingredients giving you a dining experience that tantalizes the taste buds with such amazing flavours and taste.

Kota Dine & Coffee is located on your right as you enter the entrance of Fort Cornwallis.

I had the privilege to indulge the recently launched new menu items and I must say, not only did they nailed the food presentation but also, every bit of it was bursting with flavours.

A step into the restaurant welcomes diners to a nice cozy ambiance. You'll spot the statue of Captain Francis Light as you enter and get your cameras ready, as it's a picturesque spot that you just can't resist not taking photos. haha

1..2...3..smile :)

It's a nice spot to sit back and enjoy even during day time.

Awards and recognition being displayed on the wall.

It's time to make you drool ......over all the delicious cuisine you can find back here :)

Kota's Pie Tee - RM 18.00
First look at the Kota's Pie Tee upon bring served, certainly gets you all excited to make your very own Pie Tee. The pie tee is made up of the filling (sole fish, sweet turnip, shitake mushroom, carrot & corainder leave), mashed hard-boiled eggs, the pie tee cups, and sambal belacan. All you have to do is get the pie tee cup, fill it with the filling, some eggs on top and sambal if you like it with a kick.

"Otak-otak" Nyonya Fish Custard - RM 18.00
Bringing the otak-otak dish up a notch with ingredients such as fish mousse, squid paste and scallop mousse. Every bite welcomes a nice mixture of seafood taste and fragrant spices.

Kapitan Chicken Burger
One glance and it would probably be just another burger but the moment you sink your teeth into it, the crunch from the chicken and the nice Kapitan flavour rings in. You'll be wanting to have more of it.

Vegetarian  Fried Brown Rice - RM 25.00
If you're up for something without meat, this fried rice would suit best. Brown fried rice with black beans, eggs, carrot, corn and vegetarian lamb.

Barramundi Nyonya Sauce - RM 28.00
The steam of freshness of the Barramundi fish dressed with the delicious tangy Nyonya sauce served along with ladies finger, shimeiji mushroom while brown rice fried with black bean and corn. 

Kota Cannonball Chicken Rice - RM 25.00
Fire in the hole :) Well of course it's just "cannonballs" made from rice haha. It won't blow you away but will probably blow your mind away with the juicy tender chicken and fragrant aromatic rice balls and some chili sauce to spicy it up a lil.

Kota's Chicken Satay RM 22.00
There's just no saying no to satay. The norms are usually on plate but Kota's take on serving it on this clay holder certainly is something fun. The juicy chunks of chicken meat as tender. Didn't have to frown my face n break my teeth pulling the meat from the skewers haha... That and the rich peanuty sauce... Yumz!

Nyonya Lemak Salad - RM 18.00
Another item that just pleases the eyes on the first look. The Nyonya Lemak Salad was actually inspired by the Penang Lemak Laksa. You will find grilled pumpkin, mixed greens, seaweed tofu, tumeric dressing and ginger torch. The mixture of the dressing has a nice punch that just intrigues the curiosity of knowing what's in it.

Lamb Shank Curry -- RM 53.00
Talk about lamb shank and probably the common stewed lamb shank comes to mind, but the twist of using curry in this dish surely anticipates one to a brand new experience. Served together with fragrant ghee rice. That's like an ultimate combo of flavour and aroma.

These drinks below are amazingly good.

L to R : Signature , Sunrise & Sunset

Signature - RM 16.00
Initially when I saw the drink, I was ermmmm I'm probably not going got like it upon spotting the chili in it haha.. Well the drink is made from lemon grass, calamansi, sprite, chili and ginger bud. One sip and the taste just changed my mind.  The mixture of the ingredients created this nice harmony of aroma and just a lil tinge of sourness from the calamansi which was perfect. A refreshing blend of sweet, sour and fragrant aroma. 

Sunrise - RM 16.00
A fruity mixture of passion fruit, orange, calamansi, mint, mango and sprite. 

Sunset - RM 16.00 
Lychee, watermelon, mint, calamansi and sprite. Me seeing lychee in a drink is like a kid seeing ice cream :p 


As you can spot, their food is instant love. The presentation that creates anticipation, does earn thumbs up  and the twist of flavours and creativity does bring new experience to the usual traditional taste. It's a hidden gem that you should make a trip over to dine.

One thing that you ponder, Fort Cornawallis, but there's entrance fee isn't it?
Yes, there is.

MyKad users : RM 10.00
Foreigner : RM 20.00

The good news is, all you got to do is spend more than RM 20.00 at their restaurant and they will deduct your entrance free (maximum RM 10.00) from your dining bill.
Take Note : Please produce your entrance fee receipt in order to enjoy the rebate.

Thanking 'Kota Dine & Coffee - when Francis meets rempah' for pampering us.

Psssst... Kota Dine & Coffee - when Francis meets rempah is a HALAL certified restaurant since 2017. 

For more information:
Kota Dine & Coffee - when Francis meets rempah
Daily : 10am - 10pm
Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah
George Town, Malaysia
Tel : 04-371 4929

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