Viking Steakhouse at Tanjung Bungah, Penang

Located along the busy street of Jalan Tanjung Bungah just beside Sunflower Bakery, Viking Steakhouse just opened its doors not too long back and though it called a steakhouse in general, they do serve other items such as seafood, pasta, risotto among others. Best part of all, its premium dining at such an affordable price.

Steakhouses aren't a common sight in Penang, with this latest addition means you have brand a new spot to enjoy your favourite tender juicy steaks :)

The moment you step into the restaurant, you will be welcomed by an wide range of wine on display. Perfect to enjoy with your meal.

As you walk further in, you will be welcomed by a nice cosy ambiance that certainly makes dining comfort.

Below is the ground floor dining area.

There is also a dining space on the upper floor. Which you could also use for private functions. Like a birthday celebration. 

If you prefer enjoying a cuppa outdoor, they have the perfect area for you.

Alright, now it's time for me to make you drool looking at the irresistible temptations from the menu.

Welcome bread.

Fruits and Berries Salad - RM 28.00
We started with the rather interesting and appetizing looking salad. A honeydew bowl which was filled with generous serving of freshly cut fruits such as oranges, apples, strawberries, blueberry and blackberry which were dressed in a delicious mix of honey yoghurt. You get that nice sweetness from the fruits and honey. It certainly opens up the appetite.

Salmon Salad  - RM 28.00
Fresh greens of romaine, iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, with generous chunks of salmon cubes and finally topped with homemade orange dressing. Instead of the usual normal dressing, orange dressing does give the salad a nice zesty citrus twist.

Venus Clams - RM 22.00
Venus clams in soupcon of white wine. Does look simple from the outlook of it, but one bite into the juicy clams, it comes bursting with a nice mild spicy kick. 

Tomato Chilli Mussels
This is another alternate you can enjoy where the mussels are cooked in chili tomato broth with soupcon of wine. Pamper your palate with a nice blend of sourness and fragrant of the tomato and wine. The dish though may contain chili, but its just perfect blend of taste.

Hachis Reginherus - RM22.00
Display with a class. The dish is made from minced beef, nicely seasoned served with nice creamy mash potato and their very own Viking's Espanyol sauce. The mix of flavours from the 3 items just compliments well. The meaty taste, creaminess of the mash and the fragrant sauce, yumz.

French Onion Soup - RM 13.00
The richness of flavour from the clear beef broth is just delicious. This hearty soup with generous amount of onions, heavenly!

Now to the main steak highlights. Those craving for steaks, it's time to feast !

They offer Australian chilled grain fed beef or if you prefer something more premium, they have the wagyu grade  as well. 

Below is the pricing:
Tenderloin RM39.00 / 100g
Ribeye : RM 32.00 / 100g
T-Bone : RM 22.00 / 100g
Wagyu grade : RM 58.00 / 100g

Each choice comes with one side dish and one vegetable. For the sides you can pick choose either curly fries, potato wedges, mash potatoes, cheese macaroni or sweet corn. While for the vegetables you can choose either fresh vegetables, sauteed vegetables, baked cocktail tomato, baked brinjal or mixed mushrooms.

While the steaks are served with brown sauce,  you could also opt by topping up additional RM3.00 for sauce such as  Chimichurri, Beaurre Rouge,  Mornay Cheese, Horseradish, Dijon/English/Grain Mustard, or even Himalaya Pink Salt & Truffle Salt. 

One of the favourite will be the Chimichurri sauce, you've got to try it.


We had our steaks at medium rare which was just awesome. A nice grill on the outside while juicy tender pinkness remains on every bite.


Smoked Duck Breast White Sauce Spaghetti - RM 32.00
There's just no way of saying no to carbonara and their carbonara was 'perfecto'. Al dante spaghetti coated with nicely seasoned rich creamy sauce. So good! Served along with smoked duck breast.

Baby Lobster Aglio Olio - RM39.00
If you love aglio olio style of spaghetti, then you should try theirs. The soupcon of White Chardonnay Wine in this dish along with the baby lobsters, certainly brings this dish up one notch. The mild spiciness certainly gives it a nice boost.

Capers Cream Salmon - RM 39.00
If salmon is your thing, then you will love the panseared Norwegian chilled salmon that gives you that nice flaky skin and moist salmon flesh topped with lemon capers and cream sauce. Served with fresh greens and mashed potatoes. The lemon capers and cream sauce was fragrant and it had a nice tinge of citrus kick to it. 

Standard salmon serving size is about 180g.

Grilled Bamboo Lobster with Chimichurri Sauce - RM 188.00
First look at this and instantly, one goes WOW! The bamboo lobsters are grilled and served with Chimicurri Sauce. The sauce certainly comes packed with a blast of flavours. Made mainly out of parsley, olive oil among other ingredients, it boost a beautiful fragrant punch to the lobster. It comes with fresh greens, potato wedges, curly fries and sweet corn. 

This is one of the major star back here.

Don't forget to grab a bottle of wine to compliment you white or red meat too :)

Many would have had the impression that Viking Steakhouse is a fine dining restaurant, but the truth is, it's not. It's certainly goes easy on the wallet. Won't burn a hole in your pocket :)

So make a trip over to Viking Steakhouse today and explore all the beautiful creations the kitchen has to offer in the menu.

Many thanks to Viking Steakhouse for hosting.

For more information:
Viking Steakhouse
Wed - Mon : 3pm-11pm
546-D Jalan Tanjung Bungah
11200 Tanjong Tokong
Tel : 017-336 6087

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