Lexis Suites Penang | Chinese New Year Dining 2019

It's a festive celebration of culinary indulgence for this coming Chinese New Year at Lexis Suites Penang. The chefs has prepared various dining options for you to enjoy with family and friends or even for company meals.

From Prosperity Salmon Yee Sang ,Prosperous Steamboat Set Dinner,CNY Reunion Buffet Dinner and Prosperous Chinese New Year Yee Sang with 9 Course Set Menu.

I had the privilege to explore the Chinese New Year meals and here's a peek at what you can look forward to.

Starting off the meal with some fresh greens, condiments and dressing of your choice.

Enjoy pre-mix salads such as Honey Dew with Sausage Salad, Thai Spicy Beef Salad, Chinese Jelly Fish Salad  Baby Octopus Salad, Thai Egg Salad, Japanese Seaweed Salad. A mix of some with a tinge of sweetness and mild spicy kick.

Cheese Platter
So happy when there's Brie cheese. YAY!

Steamed Dim Sum, Mixed Bun and Man Do

Off to the section where seafood lovers would much anticipate. The Seafoof on Ice section will offer 6 types of seafood for you to enjoy.

Baked Whole Fish with Thai King Sauce

Back at the  HUAT AH Giant Yee Sang Table, that's where you can enjoy the Fortune Yee Sang with Condiments and Dressing. Yums. The yearly treat that many look forward to.

Some hearty soup to warm the stomach. 2 types of soup to enjoy. 

Chinese Emperor Seafood Chowder and Ang Ang Tomato Clams Soup.

This particular dish does catches the eye. The Lobster Wok is going to be a hit. Oh just look at it!

Off to the hot dishes section where you will find various types of food, cooked in different style and flavours.

Steamed White rice 
Golden Fried Rice  
Fatt Choi Scallop Meat 
Yee Foo Noodles 
Sweet & Sour Fuzhou Ball 
Braised Bailin Mushroom with Sea Cucumber 
Seamoss Bamboo Pith with Mixed Vegetables 
Lexis Salted Egg Prawn  
Deep Fried Seafood Roll with Thai Mayo Sauce 
Steamed Fish Fillet with Japanese Shoyu 
Ostrich with Spring Onion, Ginger and Szechuan Sauce 
Herbal Chicken with Wolfberry 
8 Treasure Duck  
Vegan Chicken with sweet Dark Sauce 
Vegan Lamb with Spicy Tao Pan Sauce 

Negi Stew
This is a big hit among diners. The flavour from the rich stock was just beautiful. You will be coming back for more of it.


Local favourite, Rojak. Pick your favourite items, drizzle the thick rojak sauce and some peanuts. Voila. It's all set to be enjoyed.

Now to my favourite part, Desserts. Oh lala... Everything looked so temptingly delicious. 

Just looked at all the various desserts on the buffet spread. From cakes to traditional Chinese cookies to delicacies. Everything to pamper the tummy hehe :)

Berries Cheese Cake, 
Mini French Pastries  
Chocolate Fountain with rock Condiments, 
Pudding in mini Bowl, 
Pancake with Condiments  
Local Nyonya Kuih 
Fortune Cookies 
Chinese New Year Rice Cake 
12 Types Chinese New Year Cookies  
Bread Butter Pudding, 
Tao Fu Fa with Brown Sugar, 
Glutinous Rice Ball 
Dried Longan with Peach Gum Soup 

Here's some interesting line-up,  while enjoying to all the delicious food on the buffet line,  be entertained by the Dou Mask changing performance, God of Prosperity/Fortune walkabout, live band performance, and you also stand a chance to win attractive lucky draw prizes as well 

If you love eating steamboat, but the thought of going through the hassle of preparing and cleaning up, fret not as you now enjoy steamboat back here too. Apart from the buffet dining, the hotel also has a promotion for their steamboat.

There are 4 types of soup for you to choose from; tomyam, clear chicken soup, creamy fish soup or herbal soup. Enjoyed with local delicacies such as chicken meat slice, lamb slice, fish fillet, flower crab, baby octopus, prawn, enoki mushroom, scallop and many more. 

I think the tomyam and the herbal soup is da bomb :)


4-19 Feb 2019
11.00am - 10.00pm
RM 108 nett per set 
10 pax


4 Feb 2019
Adult : RM 120 nett
Senior : RM 90 nett
Child : RM 70 nett


with Yee Sang
 4 -19 Feb 2019
RM 888 nett
RM 1088 nett
RM 1388 nett
10 pax


complimentary Salmon Yee Sang Platter
4 -19 Feb 2019
4 pax - RM 360 nett
6 pax - RM 500 nett
10 pax - RM 988 nett


So hurry! Make your booking soonest possible as Chinese New Year dining is always a peak period.

Thanking Lexis Suites Penang for hosting.

For more information:
Lexis Suites Penang
28, Jalan Teluk Kumbar, 
11920 Bayan Lepas,
Tel : +604-628 2888

Wishing You a Happy Prosperous Chinese New Year.

Gong Xi Fa Cai 

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