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Chinese New Year is fast approaching and it's the time of the year for all the gatherings and reunions with family, friends, business associates and fellow colleagues. Usher the Lunar New Year with a scrumptious spread at Eastin Hotel Penang. With heaps of delicious Chinese cuisine to pamper the palate.

Here is a peek at all the mouthwatering items that you can look forward to.

Ohhhhh... Just look at that :)

Start off the meal with some premix salad and appetizers.

Honeydew with Sausage Salad

Thai Spicy Grilled Chicken

Baby Octopus Salad

Thai Young Papaya Salad

Smoke Salmon

Homemade Seafood Terrine 

Assorted Sushi

Smoked Salmon

Seafood lovers will certainly be happy to spot the Seafood on Ice. 
Enjoy items like tiger prawns, scallops, NZ half shell mussels, half shelf oysters.

Fortune Yee Sang

The thing item is a one of the must eat during the Chinese New Year festive celebration. 

Poon Choi
Look at the premium treats. Yummy!

Scallops, prawns, baby ablone and lots more.

Yook Poon
A platter consisting of delicious cuts of roasted chicken, duck and BBQ chicken.

While back at the action counter, you can spot the roasted leg of lamb  and homemade salmon gavlax.

Some hearty soup to warm the stomach.

Cream of asparagus soup with croutons and the other soup is, double boiled chicken broth with red dates and herbs.

Baked Lamp Chop Provencale

Fried Chicken with Tonkatsu Sauce
Oh..I just love this dish. The crunch outer and tender inner dip with the sauce. Yums!

Braised Herbal Duck

Steamed Seabass Fillet Teochew Style

Sauteed Prawn Meat

Green Mussels with Hot Bean Sauce

Baked Salmon Fillet with Garlic Herbs Butter
The overall dish had such beautiful aroma and a nice buttery herb taste.

Steamed Broccoli with Fatt Choy & Dried Oysters

Lotus Leaf Rice with Smoked Turkey & Dried Shrimp

Now to my favourite part. DESSERTS! 

How can you resist such temptation haha..

You can try items from local favourites to western desserts too.

Loving the Chinese New Year cookies available especially the peanut cookie. Oh my fav!

Assorted Macaroons
Tiramisu in Cups

Local Kuih

Glutinous Rice Ball

Cold Leng Chee Kang


22/1 - 19/2/19
Abalone Yee Sang - RM 188nett
Salmon Fillet Yee Sang - RM 158nett
Jellyfish Yee Sang - RM 128nett


RM 138nett

5 & 6/2/19
RM 98nett

5 & 6/2/19
RM 118nett

* Senior Citizen 25% Discount
* Children (6-12yrs)  50% Discount

Early Bird Promo
Diner 6, Pay 5
Offer for full paying adult only. 
Full payment b efore 25/2/18

Kindly click on pic below for more info.

So hurry! Place your bookings today. 

Thanking Eastin Hotel Penang for hosting.

For more information:
Eastin Hotel Penang
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11900 Bayan Lepas, 
Penang, Malaysia
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Wishing You A Blessed Christmas And A Happy New Year 2019.

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