Penang Hotel | Hotel Equatorial Penang - Chinese New Year Dining 2019

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and the chefs at Hotel Equatorial Penang is all set to welcome you to a Chinese New Year dining that would pamper the palate with all the beautiful yet delectable cuisine specially crafted for this joyous festive celebration.

Golden Phoenix is well known for its Chinese cuisine and not forgetting all the delicious variety of lovely Dim Sum.

Here's a peek at some of the highlights you can look forward to this Chinese New Year at Golden Phoenix. 

Time to drool...haha..

Private Rooms

For course dining, the Forever Sumptuous Set Menu offers 3 types of menu for you to choose from.

RM1688 nett for a table of  10 persons

RM1888 nett for a table of  10 persons

RM2188 nett for a table of  10 persons

Prosperity Salmon Yee Sang 

Looks so good right :)

Oven Baked Baby Lobster with Vegetarian Ham & Cheese
This star attraction catches the eyes from afar. It was nicely seasoned and baked with a generous amount of cheese. A bite into the lobster meat welcomes you to a nice overall flavour. The temptation is real on this dish :)

Roasted Spring Chicken with Szechuan Hot & Spicy Sauce
Decoration of the dish itself is already so appealing. The spring chicken is imported all way from China. Cooked to that nice crisp outer and juicy tender meat. Covered in the Szechuan sauce that gives that nice fiery kick. 

Braised Ten Head Abalone with Superior Sea Cucumber and Vegetable
Abalone are quite regularly served during the Chinese New Year , as simple as this dish may look but one bite into the abalone and you will love the richness of flavour from the sauce that coats it. 

Steamed Pear Grouper with Superior Light Soya Sauce
In any steam fish dish, one of the main key is the freshness of the fish. The steam fish here was just heavenly. While the sauce mixture was just right.

Fragrant Rice with Chicken Sausage

Deep Fried Chinese New Year's Cake with Yam and Potato
Slice of glutinous rice cake / ti kuih is sandwiched between yam and potato, coated in batter and deep fried. A bite into it, welcomes you to a nice crunch and warm melt of the ti kuih. Oh so good!

Pumpkin with Vanilla Gelato Dessert

As I mentioned earlier,  Golden Phoenix is well known for its dim sum items. So don't forget to also make a trip over for a hearty dim sum breakfast too.

Below are all of the Chinese New Year dining promotions at Hotel Equatorial Penang.

Kindly click on the posters for more information.

So hurry guys! Make your bookings now. Chinese New Year is always a peak period and you wouldn't want to miss out on all the delicious cuisines.

Thanking Hotel Equatorial Penang for hosting.

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