Penang Hotel | Iconic Hotel Penang - Chinese New Year Dining 2019

Chinese New Year is fast approaching and it's that time of the year that calls for all those long awaited gathering with family, friends, as well as with business associates and fellow colleagues. The chefs at Iconic Hotel has prepared a sumptuous spread of delicious Chinese New Year cuisine for you to enjoy as we usher the Lunar New Year.

Here's a peek into all the delectable spread :)

Starting of the meal with a nice selection of greens, condiments and a few choice of dressings at the salad bar counter.

Not forgetting appetizers follow with.

Hearty soup to warm up the stomach.

Fragrant Seafood Tomyam with heaps of ingredients in it.

Double Boiled Blackfish Maw Chicken Soup

While at the Main Dishes section. It was nice to see a spread that brings up such nice lovely flavours on overall. A nice mixture of Chinese cooking that brings up the celebration ambiance as well.

Sea Salt & Herbal Steam Baked White Prawn

Seabass Steamed with Giner & Garlic in Premium Oyster Sauce

Teow Chew Salted Vegetables Steam Asari Clam

Pineapple Sweet & Sour Chicken

Wok Fried Mussels with Salted Egg 

Double Boiled Lamb with Bean Curd Stick

Stew Hard Beancurd

Garlic Baked Scallop

Stew Egg

Fu Yong Omellete Oyster


Lotus Leaf Steam Rice

Teow Chew Noodles

Nothing like ending the meal to all these eye catching beautiful desserts.

Now the Chinese desserts are something you don't really get on buffet spreads and finding these few items made available to be enjoyed at the buffet is awesome.


Warm Bali, Bean Curd Stick with Quail Egg Porridge.
This is one of those traditional desserts which you rarely spot being served on the buffet line.

Dragon Beard Candy making.

Fresh Fruits

I love the overall Chinese cuisines that were available back here. Flavours and taste that were just something to look forward to.

So hurry. Make your booking now!

Thanking Iconic Hotel Penang for hosting.

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