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Iconic Hotel Penang has got a spot just beside the lobby that not only welcomes you to a nice relaxing cozy ambiance offering a wide delectable menu that would pamper the palate but also strikes a picturesque spot for you to snap and share the beautiful moments on your social media. So get your cameras, smartphones and a big appetite ready. 

Many would have thought that an eatery/cafe in a hotel would surely and most likely burn a hole in your pocket. But the concept behind Crumbles & Cream isn't to that direction. Not only does the place go easy on the wallet, but also offers goodies bursting with flavours and taste that will please the palate.

So let's take a peek at the place and the delicious menu items you can look forward to for your next gathering.

A walk into the place and you are welcomed by a nice soft pastel pink set up. 

There's also the sofa seating area to sit back comfortably and relax.

I'm a happy happy boi ..hahahah..

Just look at all of these gorgeous creations. *wink wink*

Enjoying High Tea Set back here is just so perfect. Presentation was an eye-catcher and you get to enjoy up to a whopping 20 various bites and a pot of tea for only RM 98.00+. Coffee is also available at an extra charge.

While the variety that you see in the pic shown is for the High tea set from 1 Jan - 28 Feb 2019, the items served will change from month to month basis. Which means you can look forward to savour different items always.

Let me list down all of the items you get to nom nom nom...

1. Black forest
2. Matcha Panna Cotta
3. Grape Layer Pudding
4. 70% Chocolate Tartlet
5. Durian Tart
6. Mont Blanc Hartley
7. Tiramisu
8. Chocolate Bavarois
9. Marble Cheese
10. Cheese  Éclair
11. Peanut Butter Éclair
12. Blueberry  Éclair
13. Macaroon
14. Nougat
15. Tea Bon-bon
16. Flower Egg Mayo
17. Chicken Pie
18. Smoked Salmon
19. Tuna Roll
20. Turkey Roll

Phewwww....That is a long list of stuff for your indulgence. Loving it :)

The good thing about the variations that they have is a mix of sweet treats together with savoury items. A balance of sweet, tangy and savoury which just feels right to the palate. We do not want to be drown is all sweetness and hyped up with sugar rush later.. haha..

Awww..aren't they just adorable.

Enjoy your High Tea set a nice cup of hot tea to go with it. Options of tea available are such as lavender, rose, chamomile, butterfly pea and earl grey.

Just like any other cafe , each has their very own signature dishes. One of the signature of Crumbles & Cream which you should give a try is their All Black Pasta. (RM 28.90+).

One of the main key is the al dante spaghetti. Spaghetti that is firm to the bite is lightly sauteed with garlic, dried chili flake, dill, cherry tomato confit, olive oil, shell clam & prawn. Topped with Parmesan cheese and truffle oil. 

One bite and the you are welcomed by a nice mix of flavours and a mild kick of spiciness from the dried chili flakes.

Bourdon Barbeque Chicken Kebab - RM 28.90+
Juicy chucks of chicken which are nicely seasoned and marinated and grilled to perfection. Dip into the accompanying sauce that gives a nice refreshing taste to it.

In conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration, they have also introduced 2 Festival Cakes which are such a delight.

Osmanthus Flavour - RM 20.90+
Using Osmanthus flower for this cake certainly gives it a nice fragrant twist.

Strawberry Flavour - RM 20.90+

While cakes are such an eye-catcher when you are standing by the chiller, here are some of the signature cakes back there.

Double Cheese Flavour - RM 10.90+
The goodness of rich cheese flavour is just splendid. Every bite into the smooth cheesiness just makes you craving for more.

70% Chocolate RM 10.90+
Now this, to me, is heaven ... haha.. The 70% compound used for this cake is just marvelous. It's a mix of crunch on the outer layer and a solid texture inside while every single bit of it is just rich chocolatey experience. So good!

Crumbles & Cream is filled with surprises. Their Crazy Shake (RM 16.90+), which is their signature beverage is simply AMAZING! The presentation is already a stunner. Just don't take too long posing and snapping pics with it :p

Butterfly Pea Cocktail

Bombe Alaska
The uniqueness of the dessert is how it is lit with liquor prior to serving.

Here are some of the promotions you can look forward to:
* Main Course - enjoy 20% off on second main course
* Constellation Birthday Promo - Enjoy 30% off  on the constellation product when you produce your birthday information for that promo period. 
On-going promo : Aquarius 21 Jan - 22 Feb 2019.
* Birthday Month Promo : Enjoy 50% off for cake counter section on your birthday month only.
* Cocktail Promo : 20% off for second cocktail order.

*Terms & Conditions apply. Kindly check with the staff for further information.

Kudos to Chef Ong for such a splendid variety of options that not only pleases the eyes but also satisfies the palate and tummy too.

So the next time especially if you're in mainland and looking for a place to just chill back and have a good time pampering yourself with heavenly treats, you know where to head to :) 

Psssstt..the pricing, so reasonable right. *wink wink*😉😉😉

Thanking Crumbles & Cream and Iconic Hotel Penang for hosting.

For more information:
Iconic Hotel
71 Jalan Icon City,
Icon City, 
Bukit Mertajam, 
14000 Penang.
Tel : +604-5059988

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