Long Time Ago at Gurney Paragon Mall

Long Time Ago has recently open its doors in Gurney Paragon Mall and you get to enjoy  delicious barbecue without all the hassle of dealing with the smoke all over and the best part, the automatic roller grill is so fun. One of the benefit using the automatic roller grill would be you can look forward to a more evenly barbecued items. This certainly brings barbecuing up a notch and it's never been easier. The concept was brought all the way from China to here.

Located at the previous spot where Morganfield's was,  you can enjoy your barbecue outdoor at the al fresco area or in the shop itself. 

Let's take a look at what Long Time Ago has in store.

First up, all you got to do is write the quantity you wish to order in the order form. The menu ranges from signature skewers, meat, seafood, vegetables, noodles, fried rice, snack and beverages.

The items that you ordered for the barbecue will be presented in this tiered tray. Pretty awesome isn't it.

Among some of the highlights of the barbecue items to try is the Mongolian lamb skewer, beef ribeye skewer, pork belly skewer, and chicken thigh skewer. Nom Nom Nom!

You can also look forward to items such as scallops, prawns, shisamo, taiwan sausage, chicken wings, drumsticks, marshmallow and even butter toast. 

Lets get the barbecue ready :)

Looks so tempting.

All you got to do is slot the skewers into the opening gap and it will automatically start rolling. Once it's starts, the place starts bursting with fragrant aromas.

It was actually fun to watch how the skewers roll. Fascinated as well haha..

To further enhanced the taste of the skewers, they have a chili paste, chili flakes as well as a mixture of an aromatic powder which is just perfect to be eaten with the barbecued items. So good!

If you are a big fan of pork ribs or lamb rack, ohhh don't forget to order those too. 

Long Time Ago certainly brings a whole new experience in dining especially when it comes to the automatic barbecue grilling. 

Thanking Long Time Ago for hosting.

For more info:
Long Time Ago
163D-1-01, Gurney Paragon Mall,
Persiaran Gurney,
10250 Penang, Malaysia

Daily: 11:45 - 23:30