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Barista Café & Casa de Pizzeria is nestled in the heritage trail zone surrounded by all the popular historical landmarks and cultural places in Georgetown, Penang. Located just a stone's throw away from Khoo Kongsi, Barista Café & Casa de Pizzeria welcomes diners to  a nice cozy dining ambiance where you will find the place surrounded with hand drawn quotes, mural and other eye catching art on the wall; interior and exterior.

The place serves quite a wide range menu, from breakfast items, pizza, pasta right up to desserts too. 

Let's check the place out.

Ready to drool? haha..

First up was the Chicken Ham Salad - RM18.00
Fresh greens, capsicums, onions, tomatoes and chicken ham.

Milano Chicken Bruschetta
Oven toasted bread pieces topped with tomato sauce, garlic, tomatoes, parsley, cheese and basil.

English Breakfast Pizza - RM32.00
Olive oil, tomato sauce, cherry tomato, mushroom ,chicken ham, chicken pepperoni sausage, sunny side egg, mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

We decided with one of the most popular item on the menu and we now know why this is a big hit. The thin crust was just perfect. A bite into a slice of it and the nice crunch loaded with heaps of generous toppings on it was just so good. The various flavours just pampers the palate.

Enjoy your pizza with Tabasco sauce, chili flakes or even with chili oil.

If pasta if your thing, you would be happy to find that they actually have a wide selection variety for you to choose from. While the main 3 types are aglio e olio, alfredo and bologna, you then  can pair up the sauce either original, or with seafood items or poultry items. To sum it up, there's 15 choices.

It's hard for me to resist cream based pastas. So I chose the Chicken Alfredo Pasta and oh boy, not only was it so appetizingly presentable, it was as delicious as it looks.

  Chicken Alfredo Pasta - RM 20.00
The pasta was the bomb. Al dante, covered in rich creaminess with generous amount of chunks of chicken and chicken ham. Satisfyingly good. 

Oh heavenly!

Cake of the Day - RM 13.00
The carrot cake was something pretty unique. We were told it was carrots which were boiled in milk. 

Caramel Espresso Granita - RM 13.00 
Classic Latte - RM 11.00

Caramel Espresso Granita
Ice Blended drink is something I can't resist. The espresso itself offered a nice aroma, with the caramel added into it, it just made the drink so nice. Especially after walking outside in the hot weather, this drink is gonna be so good.

Classic Latte

So remember,  if you're in town, anywhere near there don't forget to make a stop. Be it for brunch, lunch, tea break, dinner or a place to sit back and relax while exploring all the beautiful historical sights.

Thanking Barista Café & Casa de Pizzeria for hosting.

Chinese New Year Promo especially for this blog readers.
To usher the Chinese New Year, the cafe is offering a complimentary single
Espresso or Machiatto (worth up to RM 8.00) with every purchase of a pizza in a single receipt and show them this blog post to be entitled.
Only applicable from the 4/2 (Mon)  - 9/2/19 (Sat)

For more info:
Barista Café & Casa de Pizzeria
Daily : 9am-11pm
133 Jalan Masjid, 
Kapitan Keling
10350 George Town,
Tel : +604-261 5013