The Wembley, Penang | Wembley Cafe Launches New Ala Carte Menu

The Wembley, Penang is proud to present their latest menu of Wembley Cafe which introduces a brand new selection of cuisines ranging from entrees, starters, local delights, desserts and as well as beverages to pamper the palates. The cafe continues to bring diners on a gastronomic adventure with  local cuisines that are given creative twist as well as western dishes to satisfy the taste buds. All of these scrumptious cuisines are prepared by Executive Chef Peter Chan and his team.

Let's take a look at all of these mouth-watering items.

Cream of Asparagus & Scallop RM 25.00

Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Ginseng Roots - RM 25.00
Shitake & Fish Bladder
The aroma of the soup is just so welcoming. The richness of flavour from the ginseng really gives that nice omphhh and healthy boost.

Steamed Radish Cake - RM 14.00
Served with superior soy sauce, chili crips and spring onion.
Unlike the small cut pieces of radish cake we buy outside, the portion here is satisfyingly good. It has the right texture, and of course the chili also plays an important role in this dish. It was perfect.

 Braised Shanghainese Duck - RM 29.00
Served with steamed rice, duck drumstick and greens.
Delicate tender duck drumsticks that soaks in beautiful flavours.

The Salmon Stack Sandwich - RM 37.00
Generous amouts of smoked salmon, avocado, poached egg sandwiched between ciabatta bread. A bite into it and you get a nice flavour of the smoked salmon and the taste of avocado does enhances the sandwich.

Vietnamese Sandwich - RM 25.00
A refreshing bite of chicken slice, pickled vegetables sandwiched between baguette. 

Soft Shell Crab Charcoal Burger - RM 30.00
This one hearty burger is the bomb. It's definitely one of its kind. Something for a change from the usual chicken and beef burger. Soft shell crab sandwiched between charcoal bun served with lettuce, tomato, and shredded cabbage. Once bite into it, and you enjoy the nice soft shell crab along with the mix of greens that is so satisfyingly good.

Pan Fry Snapper Fish Fillet - RM 43.00
Those who love especially fish will be in love with this dish. The generous size of snapper fish fillet sealed with flavours served with a reduction of balsamic served with buttered vegetables.

Smoked Duck Carbonara - RM 32.00
They nailed the carbonara. It was really good. I could probably have like 5 servings of it, if my tummy was that big haha.. al dante spaghetti is cooked with richness of cream along with smoked duck, mushroom, tomato, garlic, and parmesan cheese.

Tom Yam Fried Rice - RM 28.00
Honestly, we couldn't get enough of this dish. As simple as it looks, the overall taste was thumbs up. The fragrant aroma and mild fiery spicy kick was awesome. The taste was just so good.

Waffle Berries Compote - RM 21.00
Fluffy Belgian waffle served with berries compote and ice cream.

Cheese Cake - RM 21.00
Served with pecan and butterscotch sauce

Beverages for you to enjoy with your meal.

With these new additions in the menu, it brings one on a culinary experience of different flavours and taste that has been enhanced to further pamper the palates. 

Kudos to Chef Peter Chan and team for presenting such a delectable spread of new items that is much enjoyable.

For more information:
The Wembley Penang
183, Jalan Magazine,
 10300 Penang
Tel: +604 - 259 8000

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