Art Exhibition at G Hotel Gurney | All In Penang by Koh Teng Huat

Head over to G Hotel Gurney as prominent Malaysian artist and founder of Penang Balik Pulau Art Society, Koh Teng Huat or fondly known as "Ah Ku" is currently exhibiting his series of amazing paintings in his exhibition showcase called "All In Penang".

The Penang self-taught artist built his repertoire creating picturesque landscape designs using palette knife as his tool and skill application of the impasto technique. Koh is among the handful of artists in Penang that uses palette knife to paint.

Koh's strong bond with his hometown was the main factor that kick started off his art journey. He has put his heart into promoting the untouched fishing village of Balik Pulau through art, culture and heritage which has touched the hearts of many local Penangites. He wishes to document the existing scene of Balik Pulau onto canvas before it fades away along with the development process. He wishes to raise more awareness on environmental conservation and also advocate the multicultural harmoniousness in the country through art.

"Art is not supposed to be treated as something prominent. Art should be reachable. People should be able to feel or experience art in everyday life!" says Koh. He enduringly organizes art activities in Balik Pulau, in hopes that he is able to make his dream of making Balik Pulau an International Art Village or preferably known as The Art-topia one day.

Koh's artworks are widely recognised by art galleries and is one of the collections which is popular among international as well as local collectors. His artworks has been included in Malaysia's art auction market since 2014. Koh has also won awards such as the Outstanding Achievement from Worldwide Excellence Award in 2019, Asian Outstanding Artist Award from Hong Kong Economy Net in  2018 and he has also been assigned as the Malaysia International Culture and Art Envoy during Malaysia - International Wellness & Cultural Tourism Conference.

The event started off with a special performance of nose flute which was performed by one of Koh's invited guest from Taiwan.

Welcome speech by Ms Christina Tan, Director of Communications 

Koh giving his speech.

Koh then demonstrated his skills to the guest by painting onto an empty canvas and turning in into another masterpiece. His expertise could be seen with the control and pressure of the strokes done by the palette knife. In just a moment, another fascinating art piece was created.

I actually love the whole frame from ground to the sky, the clouds on the sky was so naturally beautiful.

Koh presenting his painting to Ms Christina Tan.

Make a trip over to the G Art Gallery at G Hotel Gurney and if you spot any paintings that you like, you can just approach the reception counter to make your purchase :)

"All In Penang"
G Art Gallery,
Link Bridge, Level 1
G Hotel Gurney
2 May - 31 July 2019

Thanking G Hotel Gurney for hosting.

G Hotel Gurney
168, Persiaran Gurney,
10250, Penang
Tel : +604 - 238 0000

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