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Elementos at Hompton By The Beach Penang is a new trendy and happening spot for you to chill over some appetizing tapas and mains along with some drinks with your friends and family. The ambiance and the stunning view at Elementos is surely a captivating sight. You have got to pop over to see if yourself to see the beauty of the scenery that awaits.

The menu is categorized  into 5 natural elements of the universe - water, fire, wood, metal, earth. Which is actually an interesting take.

If you prefer to sit indoor to enjoy your bites and drinks, there's the indoor lounge and bar area which is cozy and comfy. 

I just love the whole set up of the place. 

I couldn't get enough of the beautiful sight in view.

Now let's check their menu out first.


Pulpo ala Gallega
Grilled octopus which is served with  Jerusalem artichokes.

Sapa de Gambas
A warm hearty serving of prawn bisque which was rich bursting with flavour. Topped with Shimeji mushroom and almond flakes. Surely is an appetizing soup.


Patatas Bravas 
Crispy fried potatoes served with Aioli and spicy brava's sauce. The fragrant mix of the garlic taste from the Aioli sauce together with the brava's sauce just elevates the flavour beautifully.

Veggie Croquetas
The triangular shaped croquettes are made from spinach, goats' cheese and seasonal herbs.  Every bite into this crispy treat is welcomed by a soft middle that is filled with a mix of cheesy flavour and aromatic herbs.


Lomo de Cordero
Lamb loin served with potato terrine, pea sprout, carrot in green pepper corn sauce. The lamb was just right, tender and the sauce was beautifully done.

Snapped fillet served with homemade potato puree in balsamic sauce with crunchy vegetables. The blend of potato puree that gives that creamy taste while the balsamic sauce just kicks in the right acidity for a delicious meal.


For something light to munch away while enjoying your drinks.

Tabla de Queso
Cheese platter with pickle olives

Table de Embutidos
Cold cut platter with cheese and olives


Churros Con Chocolate
Churros with hot chocolate. My tummy tells me "keep it coming" haha

Crumble de Limon
Lemon crumble. Love the citrusy taste which was just balanced well.

Hompton’s Flamin’ Lamborghini.   

If you are here, you must not miss out on ordering the Award Wining Cocktail "Island Breeze" which contains nutmeg and lemongrass. Offering a refreshing taste. The drinks resembles the colours of the Penang flag - blue and yellow.

Mojito Mojo - Cocktail

Shirley Temple - Mocktail

2 Feet Long Beer 

So why not head over to Elementos and be pampered to the delicious culinary feast and enjoy your drinks relaxing to the sea breeze.

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Thanking Hompton By The Beach for hosting us.

For more info:
Hompton By The Beach Penang
No. 533 Jalan C.M. Hashim, 
Tanjung Tokong, 11200 Penang
Tel : +604- 373 3233

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