Seafood Galore Buffet Dinner at Hompton By The Beach Penang

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Love seafood and love it more while enjoying it with beer? Then you have got to pop over to Spice Garden at Hompton By The Beach Penang as their Seafood Galore Buffet Dinner welcomes you to a tantalizing feast of catch from the sea. 

The Seafood Galore Buffet Dinner takes places on every Friday and Saturday from 7pm-10pm. Be pampered to a variety of seafood items and one of the highlight is where you can catch your own live seafood from the tank. Now that's sure something you don't really come across in buffets.

The first thing that catches your attention as you enter Spice Garden has got to be the amazing panoramic view. Imagine sitting down, enjoying your meal to the beautiful sunset. Nice!

Let's start drooling :)

Start the meal with some fresh greens, condiments and dressing of your choice at the salad bar area.

Japanese Baby Octopus Salad & Potato Salad al German 

The sashimi platter looks ever pleasing. Dig into fresh salmon platter, butter fish, and tuna.

Seafood On Ice is surely an eye catcher from a far.  This is like the ultimate section for those who love seafood. 

Satisfy your craving to black shell mussel, Alaska king crab legs, scallop roe,  Vietnamese scallop, slipper lobster, and yabbies.

An assortment of sushi is also available.

For a moment, at a glance, I thought this was white chocolate. But then I was what is a dessert doing here.. Then I realized it was scallop skewers, prawn skewers and the it was flowing white sauce. Haha..Silly me :S But this is surely an interesting take. Haven't really seen this done else where.

Assorted Cheese Platter with nuts and crackers 

Time to warm the tummy with 2 choices of hearty soup.
- Seafood Bisque Soup   
- Double Boiled Chicken with Black Bean Soup 

The aroma of the soup was just so welcoming. The seafood bisque stock was rich bursting with flavours.

As for the main dishes, a nice spread of various items to indulge away.

Baked Oyster in Chili Garlic 
Potato Gratin with herbs and spices 
Stew Chicken de Paris 
Spaghetti with Seafood Concasse 
Braised Vegetable with Scallop & Mushroom  
Grilled Fish Fillet ala Lemon Essence 
Jambalaya Rice 

The seafood live from tank is surely something that is pretty cool. While many places offers seafood that are already cooked ahead, this concept is pretty neat.  There were fresh items like surf clam, fresh flower crab, fresh tiger prawns. It's like it doesn't get any more fresher than this. We had the chance to catch our tiger prawns and passed to the chef to cook it.

Your catch can be prepared with either of these 4 types of sauces :
Chili Garlic
Black Pepper
Sze chuan Paste
Chef Delicious Sauce

Baked Salt Fish served along with  orange butter sauce, and dijon mustard.

Don't forget to leave some space for all the mouth watering desserts they have prepared for you. One of the highlights of the dessert counter has to be the Cake Around The World which 

The best part is you also get to enjoy free flow of beer and soft drinks too. 

Seafood Galore Buffet Dinner  
Every Fri & Sat
 7pm – 10pm  
Adult : RM98nett per pax
 Senior Citizen (55 yrs and above) : RM78nett
Child (7 –12 years old)  : RM49nett

Free flow of beer and soft drink     
Live seafood from the tank     
 Cakes Around the World 

Make a date over and enjoy the delicious seafood variety as well as the sugary treats they have for you to enjoy. 

Thanking Hompton By The Beach for hosting us.

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