Desserts Galore at 滋味屋 Taste Pavilion, Penang.

There's a new spot in town that serves a myriad of mouthwatering desserts. Located along Kek Chuan Road,  滋味屋 Taste Pavilion serves a delectable menu of traditional Chinese desserts, snacks as well as rice meals. The shop has been pleasing the palates of many since the opening back in mid May of this year. They have over 30 varieties of warm and cold desserts for you to enjoy which generally aren't that sweet. 

Let's take a look at some of the highlights the place has to offer.

Ready to drool? :)

Gui Ling Gao - RM7.90
The use of chrysanthemum gives it a nice fragrant and sweetness. 

Beancurd Pudding with Longan  RM6.90

Chenpi/Tangerine Flavoured Red Bean Soup - RM 4.90
The red beans are blended while the tangerine gives that nice citrusy aroma to the dessert.

Tofu Fa Peanut Puree - RM8.90
Those who love peanut puree are in for a treat. The fragrant aroma and the taste of the peanut puree is just beautiful. With tofu fa in it, certainly gives a nice twist of flavour.  

Papaya Stewed Snow Fungus - RM 4.90

Soy Bean with Black Sesame Ball Soup - RM 6.90

Mocha Paste Pancake

Peanut Butter French Toast - RM 6.90
The heavenly taste of fluffy peanut butter French toast drizzled with honey and finally a slice of butter left to melt. 

Mo-chi Coat with Black Sesame - RM 4.90

Taste Pavilion Tofu - RM 7.90
Tofu with seafood that makes each bite addictively delicious.

Sweet & Sour Pork Rice - RM 8.90

Thanking 滋味屋 Taste Pavilion for hosting.

For more information:
滋味屋 Taste Pavilion
No. 6, Kek Chuan Road,
10400 George Town, Penang.
Tel : +016-224 1939

Daily : 3pm - 1.30am  (Closed on Mondays)

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