Enjoy Durian Desserts at Cititel Penang

Cititel Penang presents their latest promo for the month of July and if you love durians, you'll be loving this buffet spread even more. It's the durian season at this moment and Main Street Cafe is serving delectable durian desserts during their buffet lunch on Saturdays and Sundays and buffet dinners on Friday and Saturday. Those who are craving for durians can also enjoy the dessert creations that uses durians as part of the ingredient. Savour mouth-watering treats like Durian Cheese Cake, Durian Creme Puff, Durian Mousse Cake and many more.

So let's have a look at the spread that awaits you.

Fresh greens, condiments and dressing at the salad bar section.

Assorted cheese.

Love Japanese treats? There's sushi and sashimi for you to enjoy away.

Salmon, tuna, white tuna and tako octupus.

Anyone up for fresh succulent seafood? The seafood on ice is something many love.

Off to the action station where you will find a variety of grilled items such as lamb chop, sausages, chicken, chicken and beef satay among others.

Time for some hearty warm soup to warm the stomach. There's usually 2 soups, one clear and another is a cream based soup. 

Tomato cream soup. 

Seafood tomyam soup.

A bowl with loaded packed of seafood and flavours.

Off to some of the main dishes where you can please your palates to a mixture of poultry items, seafood and meat. Each prepared on its very own special way. You can look forward to a burst of flavours in each dish.

Here are some of the dishes:
Stuffed Crab Shell
Stir-fried Beef with Thai Basil
Chu Chi Squid (Squid in Dry Red Curry)
Roasted Lamb Leg, Garlic Sauce
Black Pepper and Herb Roasted Chicken
Kaeng Som Salmon Head
Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables with Chestnut
Thai Fish Cake
Seafood Fried Rice

Roasted Prime Rib
Juicy tender cuts served along with yorkshire pudding and roasted vegetables.

Now this I think is another star attraction in the buffet spread. The Spaghetti on Parmesan Wheel which I personally had yet to come across during buffets is so deliciously good. Watch as the chef start cooking the spaghetti and then placing it into the cheese wheel and then tossing it a little. The spaghetti is coated in the earthy parmesan taste. Make sure you order this when you spot this.

It's time for all the durian desserts and other sugary treats.

Indulge to heavenly durian desserts such :
Durian mousse 
Durian tiramisu
Durian cheesecake
Durian cream caramel
Durian white forest cake
Durian cream puff
Pengat durian

That's quite a spread of durian dessert isn't it.


The Penang rojak is also something you should not miss out on. The thick rojak sauce is the bomb.

Icy cool treats like ice cream and ais kacang. Main Street Cafe serves one of the most variety of ice creams - 8 flavours in total.

Wait no more. Pop over and enjoy all the durian desserts that awaits.

Thanking Cititel Penang for hosting.

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Tel : +604-291 1188 

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