Penang's First Virtual Reality Experience Center at The Illusion, M Mall Penang.

Did you know that Penang has it's very own first virtual reality experience center? I'm pretty sure you have seen many videos of people playing VR on social medias, and some of it are hilarious as you see how they react in real life without realizing. Well now, it's your turn to experience the fun and excitement as well as the thrill because The Illusion at M Mall Penang has brought that experience here. Nice!

This was my very first time experiencing the VR too and I must say it was super duper fun. You definitely have to give it a shot one day. 

Located on the first floor of M Mall, The Illusion offers 5 different type of titles which are priced between RM 15 - RM 28 per person per game. Some games can be played solo while some can be played up to 3 persons at one go.

As of now the 5 titles are:
Dinosaur Command 2  :  2-3 persons
The Monster Hide & Seek : 2 persons
Escape from Basemnet : 1 person
Cowboy Town : 1 person
Wooden Bridge : 1 person

Getting my VR gear ready.

The Illusion uses the latest gadgets therefore its wireless connectivity certainly offers the best experience. Without needing cables or back packs to carry power supply while you are enjoying away. It was so free and easy. 

A scene while we were playing The Monster Hide & Seek. This was our favourite title among the rest. The graphics was amazing. I won't spoil it for you. Make sure you choose this title when you are there too.

Bang! Bang!

We did enjoyed ourselves very much. It was truly something really fun and cool to experience. 
Make a trip over whether with family or friends, and you will surely love what awaits. 

Thanking The Illusion & M Mall Penang for hosting.

The Illusion
M Mall , Lot 79-1-12A, 
First Floor, 
Jalan Dato Keramat, 
10150 George Town,Penang
Tel : +6016-419 2033

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  1. another interesting place to visit, the new innovation in gaming.


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