Taiwan Expo 2019 in Penang.

The Taiwan Expo 2019 which was held on the 5th & 6th of July 2019 at Setia SPICE Convention Center, Penang was an inspiring and an eye-opener as the expo showcased the best of Taiwan with 140 Taiwanese manufacturers across 110 booths presenting many brilliant and award-winning products and services as well as the diverse opportunities from various sectors for fellow Malaysians.

 Jointly organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade and TAITRA, this year marks the 3rd expo being held in Malaysia and the first time in Penang.  The expo featured 12 themed pavilions with two exhibit areas - products and services.  Visitors made their way to the six major segments such as “Smart City & Industry 4.0”, Green Tech”, “Healthcare”, “Halal Taiwan”, “Taiwan Lifestyle” and “Tour Taiwan”.

Taiwan Excellence, initiated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), R.O.C. in 1992, the symbol of Taiwan Excellence is recognized by 100 countries worldwide and is the highest recognition bestowed upon the best of Taiwanese innovations ever since and has honored many innovators over the years since its introduction.  The main aim of the award is to encourage continual innovation in the aspects of product quality, design and image. The winners are selected on multiple strict criteria which includes R&D, design, product quality and their marketing model. 

Taiwan's technology has always been well regarded internationally and Taipei City was
even ranked by Business Insider as Asia’s most high-tech city for two consecutive years in
2017 and 2018. Taiwan’s solid R&D, excellent design track record and production
capabilities are instrumental in its success and Taiwan Excellence recognizes the best of the

During the expo, the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion certainly showcased some of the best technologies together - Medical Tech , Smart Retail and Industry 4.0.

ELECLEAN  presented such an innovative and outstanding product called ELECLEAN  Disinfection Spray that caught my attention. Can you actually believe that the only reagent needed was just water? Yes! Only water. WOW! 

It's surely a world first technology that uses water and electricity that creates disinfectant.

The  award-winning ELECLEAN Disinfectant Spray uses nano-catalysis electrochemical technology that creates disinfectant within 15 minutes. Water is the only reagent and is directly transformed into ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) that effectively destroys viruses and bacteria by oxidizing method. It is safe with no harmful preservatives used to create the disinfect, powerful effect against viruses and bacteria, saving energy and convenience . It's so easy to use and carry too.

All it takes is some simple steps. Once you have poured water into the opening, closed it and press the button to activate it. It takes about 15 minutes for it to active and you are good to spray. Per-activation last for about 72 hours, and thereafter it will just go off but then slowly just gradually fade off but with another push of the button, it activates it back. *Thumbs up*

The massive advantage is you don't need mixture of chemicals and it's doesn't have any oduor. So it's totally safe and can even be used for new born babies and for pets too. Nice! Truly a remarkable innovation. 

The ELECLEAN Disinfectant Spray has a capacity of 15ml while the ELECLEAN Plus is able to hold up to 200ml.

Charged via micro usb port.

2 nano-catalyst electrode which is changeable.

I was shown a hands-on tester where the tester turns to blue when the disinfectant takes place. It remains white when tested with water.

It's comes with a small bottle so you can transfer it to be carried with you when you go out.

The catalyst in the ELECLEAN Plus.

You may notice that this spray bottle has some colourful design. This was for their CSR whereby a percentage from the sales of the units with this design, is being channeled to that charitable home.

Mr Thomas Hsu giving a brief explanation about the ELECLEAN Disinfectant Spray.

For more info about ELECLEAN

Axiomtek is an enthusiast advocate when it comes to Industry 4.0. Axiomtek is a leading design and manufacturing company in the industrial computer and embedded field. The company has successfully gained international recognition for their innovative designs and excellent customer satisfaction ever since their establishment in the year 1990.

Among one of their recent key success is being selected by Intel to do co-training with one of the institutions here. Jointly they have done 3 sessions of training nationwide in this IIoT segment.

Among the list of comprehensive product lines that is being offered by Axiomtek includes embedded board, system on module, single board computer, embedded system, industrial barebone, network appliance, touch panel computer, human machine interface, medical PC, industrial network as well as digital signage. Their creative concept of integrated services for embedded computing assures trusted delivery and valuable system integration from board-level design-in to system-level design for vertical markets in automation, transportation, gaming, power utility, POS, kiosk, retail, network security, medical, digital signage, green power and many more.

Axiomtek is ready to provide you the IIoT gateway solutions for your needs. Among them are: 

 When it comes to  ageneral smart grid, oil refinery and solar energy applications, the ICO series comes into the picture as the gateway controller. All the operational data is being collected which is then forwarded to the cloud. It is then processed and analyzed at a control center.

With the sensors connected, the ICO gateway will be able to help farmers collect environmental data such as the temperature and humidity. Farmers can also get immediate access to data and remotely control the farm's computerized operations wherever they are with the IIOT gateways.

The ICO series is designed with rich I/O eases connection to various devices in different applications. It creates a platform for machines to connect and communicate. Users can design their own IIoT solutions such as machine monitoring and predictive maintenance, all done through the IIoT gateway controller.

For more information about Axiomtek:

Here's a look at some of the other pavilions of exhibits that were showcased.

Bubble tea! Weeeeeeeeeee! Bubble is love :)

We sure do look forward to next year's Taiwan Expo as it brings so much information from various sectors that offers us great understanding of what Taiwan has and Taiwan has in-store of the rest of the world.

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