Penang Zipline Adventure : The Flight of The Colugo at The Habitat Penang Hill.

Looking for an adventure in Penang? The Habitat is a must visit when you're in Penang. Located on Penang Hill, The Habitat is a world-class eco-tourism facility located on the fringes of a 130-million year old virgin rainforest. The view is certainly breathtaking. On a clear day, be it day or night, the view of the island, mainland and the bridges surely pleases the eyes. Night view has the lights sparkling from a distance with the vibrant colourful lights of the city lit.

To head up, there's a funicular train which takes only a few minutes to reach up to the top with an interval of between 15 to 30 minutes wait. This was actually my first visit up to Penang Hill in the morning and the misty morning was so welcoming. I was excited as it will be my first time into The Habitat and the same time thrilled, anxious with anxiety was slowly kicking in as it will also be my very first experience on the zipline at their latest attraction - The Flight of The Colugo.

You will spot The Habitat counter located at the Dataran which is just a few minutes walk as you exit the train station.

Fellow friends from Penang Food & Travel and us on the buggy ride heading to The Habitat.

Once we were dropped off, there was a path which leads to the shop & cafe. It's less than a 3 minute walk.

Here's where you purchase your entrance tickets as well as the tickets for The Flight of The Colugo.

Don't forget to grab some merchandise and souvenirs on the way back :)


Prior booking is required as they have limited time slots available.

The Full Experience : RM 104.94
Honeymoon Zip : RM 31.80

*Price quoted above is for zipline activities only. Purchase of entrance ticket to The Habitat Penang Hill is required before going on ziplines.

Morning Session: 9:30am, 10:00am, 11:30am,  
Noon Session: 12:00pm, 3:00pm, 3:30pm

It's best to book in advance to avoid any disappointment.

For any booking or enquiries:
WhatsApp: +60196457741
Call : +604 8267677

All in our gears ...READY!!!

Our super friendly and helpful Rangers, Cik Habiba and En. Amirul. Before we started, they guided us as to what we will be expecting, what we should do and what we should not. Basic simple instructions that should be followed - for our own safety. They accompanied us to ensure our safety throughout the zip line gliding.

The Flight of the Colugo Zip consist of 5 zip lines, 1 abseil and 1 rope bridge. The adventure zip line is named after the Sunda Colugo aka The Malayan Flying Lemur. Which we were told that sometimes you can even spot them flying around.

Well remember that this was my first time gliding through a zip line, ever and yea, these kind hearted friends oh mine, they asked me to go first..noooooooooooo :O hahaha 

The anxiety kicked in instantly.. Oh boy! I was standing on the ledge and I was told to lower by body down, to allow my weight on the harness and then lift my foot of the platform. Honestly, my heart was beating so fast, looking down was pretty scary and lifting my leg off the platform was a little difficult thing to do, took me forever for me to lift my leg up hahahaaha... 

One ranger will be with you before you glide off and another will be at the other receiving station, to receive you when you arrive. 

But the moment I lifted my leg and started gliding, suddenly it felt so calm. I wouldn't say that I wasn't nervous at all, but when you start gliding suddenly it was like such a different experience.

The first glide is 

Let's take a pic before we start screaming our lungs out ..hahahaha...

The first zip line is the 2nd longest of them all and is also known as the Honeymoon Zip. 

It was also partly an educational experience as our Rangers shared with us about the trees where the platforms were. 

I remembered when we were at the platform before the abseil platform, we were 'Where's the next platform after that?'. Only until we saw a red line then we realized we were going to be abseiling down. 

It went down at a very slow phase, so you don't have to worry. But I was scared *shy shy*

Well it isn't that high, it's just super high up... :p

The view from this platform was just so mesmerizing.

The walked through the rope bridge and 2 final zip lines awaits us.

And that concluded our first ever experience on The Flight of The Colugo Zip. It was adrenaline rush, fun, most importantly an enjoyable experience. It allowed us to glide at such great heights up while exploring and enjoy the natural beauty which we have never seen from the other side. 

The Flight of the Colugo was designed and built to have minimal impact on nature, much like the rest of The Habitat’s world-class facility.

We did some exploring around, following the trails looking at all the beautiful lush of greens, colourful flowers, insects and birds.

A picture with the giant swing is not to be missed for sure.

Standing majestic high at 13m, the Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk is the highest public viewing platform offering a spectacular 360-degree view of Penang.

Bet it looks beautiful during sunset. The Habitat also offers Sunset Walk should you be interested.


The bridge got its name after spotting a family of Dusky Leaf Langurs sitting on the cables, munching on forest canopy leaves during its construction. It's also the only canopy bridge in the world engineered using cement segments.

A walk on Langur Way allows visitors to experience all the forest layers from forest floor to emergent canopy. Due to its height and location spanning 3 headlands and 2 valleys, visitors will be able to see previously unattainable views of forest valleys and the Andaman Sea beyond. 

The Habitat Canopy Walk is designed and engineered to be ‘tree friendly’ without rigging any of the steel cables directly onto the trees. The spacious and sturdy platforms provide a safe and unobstructed up-close view of the 130 million year old virgin jungle’s canopy.

The Habitat has done such a remarkable job in allowing visitors near and far to explore nature's beauty from a different angle which many of us has never knew or seen the beauty of the rainforest that Penang has. It was a remarkable experience.

If you are travelling to Penang soon or if you're a Penangite, you should definitely make a trip up here.

Thanking The Habitat Penang Hill for inviting us and thank you to our dear Rangers, Ms Habiba and En. Amirul.

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