Delicious Mooncakes by Lessie Food Industries

It's soon that time of the year where we welcome the Mid Autumn Festival and the much awaited mooncakes are already available everywhere to be enjoyed. That feeling of enjoyment, cutting a wedge by wedge, slowly enjoying the flavours and the salted egg yolk, oh so good! 

I had the chance to try the Pandan Lotus Single Yolk compliments of Lessie Food Industries. Mooncakes aren't the only thing that the company produces, they also produce and sell 30 over types of paste flavours which can be used for fillings in pancakes, buns any many other delicious creations. Apart from that, they also sell a few varieties of cookies too, namely durian cookies, butter cookies, chocolate cookies and coffee cookies.

Here's a look at the Pandan Lotus Single Yolk which I had the chance to try.

The mooncake skin was just right while every bite into the mooncake was welcomes by generous amounts of melon seeds. The smoothness and fragrance of the pandan lotus paste was just delicious. Not forgetting that huge round salted egg yolk that certainly elevates the overall flavour.

My pacman mooncake..hehe..

You may grab your Lessie Moon Melody mooncakes at the following locations in Penang, Ipoh, Negeri Sembilan, Klang, and Johor.

Thanking Lessie Food Industries for the complimentary treat :)

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