Enjoy Delicious Authentic Thai Food in Penang at Aroi Mak Seafood Restaurant 中泰海鲜料理

Sawadee Krub :)

Craving for some scrumptious Thai seafood cuisine in Penang? Aroi Mak Seafood Restaurant located along the busy street of Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah (Northam Road) is all set to welcome you to a brand new dining experience. Under the new management, the restaurant has revised their menu and you can surely look forward to a more affordable dining now. 

The main chef hails all the way from Thailand, so you will be enjoying nothing but the best of Thailand's authentic cuisine and flavours.

Just as you turn in from the main road entering the compound, you will realize that you wouldn't have to worry much about parking as they have ample of parking space in front of the restaurant. 

Welcome to Aroi Mak Seafood Restaurant :)

I actually love the whole dining atmosphere that Aroi Mak has. When you walk towards the restaurant, you will be welcomed by the vibrant cozy setting with colourful lanterns by the front area and a huge dining space as you walk in further to the back. 

You know that you will be getting only the freshest seafood when you spot all these live seafood in the aquariums. From various fishes, prawns, crabs and many more.

They actually have an outdoor dining area which is pretty cool. You get to enjoy your meal with a magnificent view overlooking the sea. Evening would be lovely with the view of the sunset.

Aroi Mak has 3 private rooms of various sizes. It's a perfect spot for celebrations. So if there's an upcoming birthday or celebration, you now know an ideal spot to host the celebration.

Alright. So it's now time to let you drool. :p

Time for us to explore one of the specialty that Aroi Mak has specially crafted for your indulgence. It's a feast that pampers the eyes and tummy.

Presenting the 666 Seafood Platter (RM666.00). The ultimate platter for all those seafood lovers out there. The seafood platter can be enjoyed among 10-12 pax.  The first thing that catches the attention would be when the service crews carry it to your table. It's like your being served majestic royal feast. The fascination just kicks in when the platter in placed on the lazy Suzan. Grab those cameras ready, because it's just so instagramable.

Unlike the norms where you get your dish coming out one by one, I actually love the idea of it coming out at one go. The platter consists of 9 seafood dishes with items like crayfish, crab, prawns, fish, clams, kappa, clams, scallops, and octopus. Each dish is prepared in its own unique way, pampering the palate with delightful kicks of flavours. 

Let's dig in.

Thai Style Crayfish / 泰式澳洲小龍蝦
( Total 1kg+- )

This has got to be the first item that caught my attention. It looked like they were doing synchronized swimming :p Arranged in such an attractive manner that was just so hard to resist. Put your utensils aside as you will be having your hands all sauced up enjoying every bit of it.

Golden Crab 黃金螃蟹
( Total 1.2kg+- )

These gorgeous looking crab coated with golden salted egg and curry leaves surely does not disappoint. The crab meat was firm and sweet and the salted egg just elevates the dish further. It's finger licking good that you will be licking the sauce off the crab and probably your fingers too. 

 Steamed Brown-Marbled Grouper  清蒸龍虎斑
( Total 1kg+- )

Steamed fish dish is a pure enjoyment. The freshness can be tasted from the flesh and the superior sauce brings such a nice mix of sweet and salty taste. 

Thai Style Assam Prawn 泰式亞參蝦
( Middle small prawn 18pcs / Big prawn 8pcs )

Fresh succulent prawns cooked in Thai style assam sauce. The assam taste was just rightly balanced. 

Thai Style Yam Seafood 泰式腌海鮮
A mix of seafood items such as prawns and squid is then tossed in a light Thai style sauce. A mild overall taste.

Thai Style Dry Curry Cuttlefish 泰式干咖哩墨魚

All it takes is just one taste of this Thai style dry curry and you are hooked. The dry curry blows you away with the delicious burst of flavours. The concoction of fresh ingredients delivers such a pleasant taste and aroma. Oh my cravings.

Tom Yam Kappa + Razor Clam 冬炎湯甲巴+竹灘

This is the bomb! The tom yam stock was heavenly rich. That nice balance of sourness and spicyness with that light 'lemakness' (creaminess). If you look at the photos, you will realize that they are generous with the kappa and razor clams in the tom yam. If you're a die hard fan of tom yam, then you have got to order it.

Thai Style Steamed Scallop 泰式蒸干貝
( 12pcs )

The scallops are steamed topped with chopped garlic giving that fragrant aroma and taste.

Boiled Octopus + Thai Style Green Chili  白灼八爪魚+泰式青辣椒
The Thai green chili sauce pleases the palate with its tangy sourness. Don't worry as it's mildly spicy.

The 666 Seafood Platter comes with white rice, Chinese tea and fruit platter according to the number of dining pax.

Kindly do take note that the 666 Seafood Platter requires at least 1-day in advance booking.

For reservations kindly call
Ryan 017-4042119
John 010-3777898

Ala carte fresh fruit juices - apple, orange, watermelon.

Here's a look at the variety of delicious items on the menu that you can order when you visit.

If you're too lazy to head out and that crave kicks in, you can still enjoy your Aroi Mak meal at the comfort of your home or at your workplace with the convenience of food delivery service like DeliverEat. Just a few clicks and voila, your food will be on the way.

Aroi Mak has also crafted special lunch menu for you to enjoy. Easy on the wallet too.

You can now look forward to a whole new dining experience at Aroi Mak Seafood Restaurant with dishes that is packed bursting with delicious delightful flavours and aroma and best part of all, the revised menu pricing is affordable. You wouldn't need to worry about burning a hole in the pocket too :)

So get your family and friends and pamper your palate to a pleasant scrumptious authentic Thai feast at Aroi Mak Seafood Restaurant today.

*Aroi Mak Seafood Restaurant is a pork free restaurant*

Many thanks to Aroi Mak Seafood Restaurant for hosting.

For reservations kindly call
Ryan 017-4042119
John 010-3777898

For more information:
Aroi Mak Seafood Restaurant 中泰海鲜料理
Opening Hours : Daily 10.30am - 10.30pm
82, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah,
10500 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel : 04-218 9411
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