Your Chance to Win A Honda Car - Honda Terima Kasih 900K Campaign - 9 Honda Cars To Be Given Away

Honda Malaysia is giving away not 1, not 2 but a total of 9 awesome Honda cars to lucky Malaysians through their Road to 900,000th Unit Milestone Campaign - Terima Kasih 900K. You'd be wondering what does the 900K mean? Honda Malaysia has accomplished a remarkable success of achieving 900,000 sales unit in the 3rd quarter of 2019. What an accomplishment. Congratulations !!! 

In celebration to that achievement, Honda Malaysia is rewarding fellow Malaysians with a chance to drive home a brand new Honda car. Honda Malaysia is giving away a total of 9 Honda cars to reward  Malaysians for their strong support towards Honda Malaysia ever since its establishment. Awwwwww! Thank you Honda Malaysia. 

Honda Malaysia Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Toichi Ishiyama said, “To
celebrate this momentous achievement of reaching the 900,000 sales units, Honda Malaysia
would like to share the joy of this milestone through the Road to 900,000th Unit Milestone
Campaign. Lucky Malaysians will get to win models such as Jazz, City, BR-V, HR-V, City
Hybrid, HR-V Hybrid, Civic, CR-V and Accord. This initiative is also an opportunity for Honda
Malaysia to say thank you and reward our customers for making us the No.1 Non-National car
brand in Malaysia. I hope to see a lot of Malaysians grabbing this opportunity to participate in the
giveaway and I look forward to seeing the lucky winners who will be driving home our sought after models.”

OMG! That's like the best thing ever. Free Car!

Ok ..ok..I know you must be super duper excited to find out how to participate. 

Here's how you can participate :-

Pop over to your nearest Honda Authorised Dealership and just complete any ONE of the task or ALL of the task to increase your chance of winning.

Each completed task entitles you to one entry.
1️⃣ Search and snap a hidden Honda model name emblem. πŸ“·
2️⃣ Test drive a Honda car. πŸš—
3️⃣ Book a Honda car. πŸ“
4️⃣ Register a Honda car. 🀝
5️⃣ Have a service history with Honda within past 12 months prior to the date of registration in this contest. πŸ”§

There's a total of 5 task, so the more task you're able to complete, the higher your chance is.

Contest ends 22 September 2019.

Scan this code to register.

To register or for more info on the Road to 900,000th Unit Milestone Campaign,
log onto the campaign’s website at πŸ‘‡

Visit Honda's website at πŸ‘‡

Honda official Facebook pageπŸ‘‡

T&C :

Apart from this contest, Honda is also having a collaboration with 3 other fantastic brands where a Honda car will be given away. 

The other 3 collaborations are with
- Tealive
- Unifi
- Syok


Tealive X Honda is rewarding a lucky Malaysian a Honda Jazz 😍

Contest ends 22 September 2019.

Are you ready?

1️⃣ Take a photo with your Tealive drink AND the Tealive X Honda: Road to Breakthrough contest standee located in all Tealive outlets EXCEPT The Gardens Mall, Taylor’s Lakeside Campus, Kenanga Wholesale City, Jitra Mall and SEGi University.

2️⃣ In less than 90 words (Eng/BM/Chi), complete this slogan "Tealive and Honda are..." 3️⃣ WhatsApp Your Photo & Slogan to +6017 619 4750 with your Full Name, IC and E-mail Address in a single message.

Tealive and Honda are both inspiring brands which promote breakthrough. Chin Mei Ling, 901618-14-7384,

* Grand Prize x 1: Honda Jazz S
* Weekly Top 3: One (1) year supply of Tealive + shortlist as Grand Prize finalist
* Weekly Top 30: Shortlist as Grand Prize finalist

More info at πŸ‘‡

@unifi πŸ–±️

Contest ends 20 September 2019.

1️⃣ Download myunifi App
2️⃣ Update your profile!
3️⃣ Answer simple question about the campaign & submit your entry
Contest only for Unifi customers

Honda HR-V Hybrid

More info at πŸ‘‡

@syok πŸ–±️

Contest ends 22 September 2019.
Fill up the form in the link and tell them why do you want to win a Honda car.

More info at πŸ‘‡

Now that is so many options and chances for you to win. Fingers crossed!

I was also very fortunate and privileged to be selected to be among a handful of  Penang bloggers to experience the Honda Bloggers Test Drive held recently. I was thrilled and excited as this was my first time being selected for something so special. Couldn't be any happier with that opportunity. So thrilled that I could barely sleep the night before. hahaha.. oh boy!

The brand Honda is no stranger and with the safety and advanced technology it has, it's no surprise that many Malaysians are in favour on their cars and Honda is known as Malaysia's No.1 non-national car. 

It was a session where I got to understand about the advance technology, as well as the amazing safety features of the Honda cars. Not forgetting being amazed with their sleek and spacious interior that's simply fascinating. The best part was getting the whole experience being behind the wheel. I got a taste of the comfort, the power, the incredible safety features, the smoothness of the drive and everything that has been put into consideration for the overall nice and safe driving experience.

Established in the year 2002, Honda Malaysia has accomplished many outstanding achievements in the company’s history. Honda Malaysia successfully rolled out its first Completely Knock-Down (CKD) model, the CR-V a year later and since then, the company continued to introduce popular models such as Jazz, City, Civic and other new models to Malaysians which went on to become No.1 in their respective segments. Continuing the momentum, Honda Malaysia has also introduced the Next Generation Advanced Technology in its model line-ups, starting with the Turbocharged, Sport Hybrid i-DCD and Honda SENSING. Did you know that Honda Malaysia is the only country after Japan to introduce Sport Hybrid i-DCD in its models after being the pioneer to introduce Hybrid technology in Malaysia in 2004.

Our friends from Honda can be seen getting the cars all ready for our trip later. Thank you :)

Our ride of the day was the CR-V 1.5 TC-P (2WD), Civic 1.5 TC-P & HR-V 1.5L Hybrid.

My shirt. Cool right :)

Breakfast for champions at Nomad Icon City

Welcome note by Ms Daphne Chen, Head of Brand Management

Product Presentation by Cik Mastura.

Test Drive Briefing by Mr. Kenneth.

Super duper excited :)

Mr. Kenneth then took us for a short introduction and showed us the fabulous features of each car.

HR-V 1.5L Hybrid

It's powered by the Sport Hybrid i-DCD System - a combination of electric motor and a 1.5L engine with direct injection which ensures an exhilarating performance yet remains fuel efficient.

Why HR-V Hybrid? 
πŸ’΅The fuel efficiency = savings
πŸ”‹High-Power Lithium-ion Battery
πŸ†’Shift by Wire
😎3D Illuminated Meter Cluster
🏎️ Sport Mode πŸ‘1.5 DOHC i-VTEC Engine with Direct Injection
⚡Fully Electric Driven Compressor
🀩7 Speed Dual-clutch Transmission with High-power Electric Motor
⚡Electric Servo Brake System
Unlike the usual full black remote, the remote for HR-V 1.5L Hybrid is distinguished with a blue area on the cover. The very same colour as the blue colour found on the Hybrid word emblem.

Now who would have thought that the rear seats could be flipped up. The HR-V Magic Seat can being flipped up therefore providing a tall space at the 2nd row seat area. I was told that fitting in a potted plant now wouldn't be a headache.

The Multi-utility Cargo Space is the bomb.
Tall Mode  - Rear seats can be folded up for plenty of floor-to-ceiling space.
Long Mode  - Front passenger and rear seats can be reclined to fit long items.
Utility Mode - Rear seats can be lowered to free up space in the back.

The low floor and wide opening surely makes loading and unloading so much easier.

The Honda 1.5L VTEC Turbocharged engine which is developed under Honda's Earth Dreams Technology is able to provide performance equal to a 2.4L engine and it's fuel efficiency is a big advantage.

The first shout out has certainly got to be the awesome remote engine start. In our humid hot weather, we reach our car, open the doors and it's almost like entering a oven. But now with this function, you now have the ability to activate your engine from a distant and cool your car first. How cool is that! You might think, wait, wouldn't that also unlock your car then? It doesn't. Even after you have activated the engine, unlock the doors, you will still need to push start in order to then drive the car. That's an extra safety precaution for drivers. It prevents intruders from suddenly entering you car as you enter and drive off. Brilliant!

So many reasons for Civic to be your choice:
Ride on Power with Fuel Efficiency
Earth Dreams Technology
Remote Engine Start
Cruise Control
Eco Assist
Econ Button
Electric Parking Brake (EPB)
Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) & Leather Gear Boot


CR-V 1.5 TC-P (2WD)
Time to explore the beast. The CR-V 1.5 TC-P (2WD) now comes with  Honda SENSING, a next generation active feature that provides warnings and aids drivers to avoid and alleviate severity of collisions. The uniqueness of Honda SENSING is it uses both monocular camera and milimetre wave radar for a view of the road and an added safety measure.

Just like the HR-V, the CR-V too has a low floor and wide opening which is excellent. At times, it may be a little inconvenient if the tailgate is way up high, but with the Programmable Power Tailgate on the CR-V, what a savour. You're able to set to your preferred height, and it will automatically open to that height with a push of a button.

The CR-V is so spacious that you can even fit a washing machine in. Fuyohhhh!

Mr Kenneth pointing to the camera, a part of the Honda SENSING.

Now that one deep and massive center console.

Be amazed with the 7 safety features:
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
Low Speed Follow (LFS)
Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)
Lane Keep Assist System (LKAS)
Road Departure Mitigation (RDM)
Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

Honestly, I'm impressed with how advanced Honda SENSING tech is. Its safety capabilities will be able to help prevent unwanted collisions due to human error. It will sound warnings when you get too close to the vehicle in front while the Adapative Cruise Control and Low Speed Follow is actually pretty cool. After setting, the 'magic' begins. Your car will be travelling at the speed and distance set, while starting and stopping automatically according to the traffic flow. Mind blown!

The Lane Departure Warning is another cool auto feature. Imagine you're driving and perhaps unknowingly your cars starts drifting out of the lane (without your indicators), the steering wheel will automatically vibrate alerting you. Cool eh!

The many safety features is a good thing because it would be life saving too.

And so our Honda Bloggers Test Drive began :)

There were 6 of us, therefore one car has a pair of bloggers.

With my co driver blogging partner of the day @eizagreenappleku

Look! Look! We got snacks and drinks. Awwwwww. Thank you so much to Honda Malaysia for preparing the snacks and drinks for us. That's very thoughtful and kind of them. :)

Our adventure BEGINSSSSS!!! Weeeeeeeee!

I took the wheel first and our first stop was to Tealive Setia Sentral.

Here's how the contest standee looks like. 

Tealive and Honda..a match made in boba land :)

Got my new drink - Mint Choc Smoothie Shaka Lava

Concentrate..concentrate..initially was quite nervous as I'm not really used to driving big cars.

Econ mode - fuel efficiency is just a button away.

Loving the sleek elegant interior.

Honda Lanewatch helps with blind spots. When your turn your left indicator on, your audio screen will show the view of the camera which is located just under the front left side mirror.        

Time to load some stuff into the trunk space to see how much items it can accommodate easily.

We then made a stop and exchange cars. Our next car was the HR-V 1.5L Hybrid. 

Driving was such a breeze. The smoothness in acceleration. 

I quite like this sleek looking gear stick.

We arrived at Alor Setar and set at Kejora for lunch.

My bombastic looking Fish & Chips.

Orange Mojito

More stuff to be loaded into the trunk.

We then headed to Aman Central Mall where the Terima Kasih 900K Campaign Roadshow was held.

Our final car to switch. Time to experience the chic sporty Civic 1.5 TC-P. Just a little push on the acceleration and your can feel the turbo power instantly. Despite it being the lowest among the 3 cars, but the eye level on the road was perfect.

We headed down south to Sungai Petani where we made a stop over at Lee Motors SP Sdn Bhd.

Can you spot the car model name emblem?

Time to pack some stuff and head to the final stop.

Cute cuddly soft toy haha..

Our final stop, Eco Horizon. Hey duckie duckie :)

We sure look good in this models hahaha*shy..shy*

When my jumping tak jadi ..hahahaha..

We also had a chance to look at the comparison of the 3 cars with other cars of the same segment. A comparison of boot space and versatility of spaciousness.

We tried :S 

Same items but it can't fit in.

Mr. Kenneth took us on a ride to demonstrate the Honda SENSING's  Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and the Low-Speed Follow (LSF) function on the CR-V.  Seeing how the car moves and stops on its own automatically was just jaw dropping fascination.  Your should pop over to the nearest Honda showroom and experience it. So cool. 

Fitting a bicycle in wasn't a problem at all. Perfect for avid cyclists.

Magnificent feat right. She can stand inside :O

Visit Honda's website at πŸ‘‡

or visit Honda's official Facebook page πŸ‘‡

Terima Kasih 900K Campaign T&C : 

You can also catch their roadshows at the locations listed below.

So hurry guys! Make sure you participate and who knows maybe lady luck is on your side. 

Good luck everyone :)

My sincere gratitude to Honda Malaysia for giving me this opportunity to be part of this and thank you to the amazing peeps from Honda Malaysia present that day in making sure our trip was a smooth and memorable one.

From the bottom of my heart, Terima Kasih :)

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  1. Why u dont bring me jalan-jalan with the Honda? Haha! Btw so many way to win, so many chances! Rugi if not join kan.

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    1. Eh taklah..tu salah satu daripada langkah untuk masuk. Yang pertama dan kedua - senang. tangkap gambaq dan test drive je.. pun dah kira penyertaan :) Kalo yg nak beli kete tu, macam peluang lebih hehe

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