Kochabi Delights Buffet Dinner at Jazz Hotel Penang

Craving for all those kochabi delicious comfort food in Penang? Then Jazz Hotel Penang has got just the right promo for you to satisfy your cravings. Their Kochabi Delights Buffet Dinner held on every Friday at Jazz Feast has got a myriad of finger licking delights of all those familiar taste enjoyed with free flow of beer and it even has a live cooking demonstration by renowned Chef Bob. The Golden Chef from Penang with 30 years of experience has come out of retirement specially for this special occasion.

This is surely one of those types of buffet spread that I just love. Truly excited when I spotted some of my favourites like the Chicken Pie, Hailam Chun Piah,Pie Tee and  so much more. Gosh..makes me craving for it again as I write :p

So let's get started :)

Starting off the meal with some fresh greens, condiments and a choice of 6 types of dressings.

Prawn Cocktail Salad & Roasted Pumpkin Salad

Enjoy 6 types of marinated salad such as Cucumber Tzatziki, Kerabu Mango Salad, Kerabu Egg Salad among others.

Cold Cuts : Smoked Salmon, Chicken Ham and Beef Pastrami.

Bite into some crispiness of the Lok Bak and Century Egg Roll with Dipping.

I've always loved the mushroom soup here and so happy to spot it in the buffet line. The rich flavour and earthy taste of the mushroom is yummy!

Oxtail Soup with Roti Benggali

You can look forward to all those delicious taste of main dishes like my favourites Chicken Pie, Loh Ark with Egg (Braised Duck with Egg) , Otak-otak, Curry Chicken Kapitan, Char Har Lok(Stir-fried Prawn), Slow Braised Lamb with Okra and many more. I personally couldn't resist the Chicken Pie. That was the first thing that caught my attention. The filling reminds me much of how the chicken pie tasted back home and the flaky crust was just perfect.

If you're a big fan of Hainanese Chicken Rice, then the full spread of roast chicken, steamed chicken and roast duck is sure will be appetizing to you. It was good and the tables beside us were enjoying it so much.  

Enjoyed with the various sauce available.

Back at the panggang stall, the chef will be grilling squid, fish, eggplant, corn and kacang botol.

Looks good right :)

Hailam Char Mee

The Slow Cook Herbal Soup is just amazing. The rich flavour makes you wanting more.

Hainanese Chicken Chop is so appealing. Back here you can enjoy til you're satisfied. 

One of my favourite has to be the Hailam Chun Piah. From small til now, I've always loved this so much. Every bite is so satisfying. The crispy crunchiness together with the filling drenched with the special made sauce. Oh heaven!

In fact it's been a while since I last had Pie Tee and just love making my own at the buffet spread :)

 Jiu Hu Char

It was then time for Chef Bob to demonstrate the live cooking. While he demonstrates different item weekly, we had the chance to watch him prepare the Salt Baked Fish. Not only he's good with food, he has a pretty cheerful funny personality too.

Assorted Desserts in the chiller.

Gandum & Bubur Kacang

Bubur Chacha

Leng Chee Kang

Icy cool treat of ice cream and not forgetting Ais Kacang and Chendol too.

The adult pricing buffet comes with free flow of beer :)

Teh Tarik  or Kopi Tarik for you to enjoy :)

I just love the whole spread that was presented. Each dish was just so welcoming. The kind of food items that we grew up with. Our type of comfort food.

Don't forget to make you plans to pop over to enjoy all the delightful treats.

Adult : RM88nett with free flow beer
Child (10-15yrs)/ Senior (55-75yrs) : RM68nett

*Promo until end of Oct 2019 :
Buy 3 Free 1 - Adults pricing only.

Thanking Jazz Hotel Penang for hosting us :)

For more information:
Jazz Hotel Penang
No. 1, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang 1, 
10470 Tanjung Tokong, Penang.
Tel : +604-375 3333

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