Walk Down Memory Lane at Se-Petang D' Vouk by Vouk Hotel Suites Penang

Take a walk down memory lane at Vouk Hotel Suites Penang on Wednesdays as their latest promotion, Se-Petang D' Vouk brings back those nostalgic good ol days memory with delicious traditional cuisines as well as games to be enjoyed.

Held on every Wednesdays from 4pm until 7pm at the outdoor parking area, be ready to be pampered with a selection of delicious treats at such affordable pricing for as low as RM2.50 onwards. Dig into  all-time favourites like Char Koay Teow by the hotel's award winning chef, Chef Fat Fong, delicious fragrant packs of Nasi Lemak, Popiah Basah, economical Fried Noodles, Apom Balik, Kuih Dangai and many others. Don't forget to grab your drinks at the Gerai Pak Bard and sip down some hot Teh Tarik or dip your Yu Char Kuih into your Kopi O. 

You'd probably think that the pricing is going to be sky rocket high, but just look at the pricing for a delicious plate of Char Koay Teow, only RM5.00. Honestly, that pricing is way cheaper than many other places.

Delicious rolls of Popiah Basah Uncle Charles that is packed with ingredients and flavours.

Big chunks of tender chicken meat satay awaits.

Looking at all the tidbits and snacks, it surely does bring back all those good childhood memories. Most of us grew up to all these good ol' nostalgic snacks - candies, chocolates, and biscuits. Oh how time flies.

Coffee. tea or me? haha.. I meant coffee or tea, freshly made upon order. :p

Coconut for the Air Sarbat.

Apom Balik

Kuih Dangai

We call him the 'Roti Man' where you get your cravings of roti kaya butter. Slurppppp 

Don't forget to spend some time and enjoy all the traditional games like Batu Seremban and Congkak. Put your skills to the test by trying out the Skipping Rope, Sepak Takraw or Sepak Bulu Ayam.

While there why not get a relaxing foot massage and hand massage by the Persatuan Tongkat Putih Pulau Pinang. Your kind generous support will mean a lot to them as they serve the blind and the needy. Get a massage for a good cause.

Thanking Vouk Hotel Suites Penang for hosting.

For more information:
57-G-3, Mansion One, 
Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah,
Georgetown, 10350 Penang.
Tel : +604-3708333

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