The World's Longest Tube Water Slide 1111m is at ESCAPE Theme Park Penang.

It's official! The longest tube water slide in the world is at ESCAPE Theme Park, Penang!  Measuring an incredible length of 1111metres, the Guiness World Records recently officially presented the certificated of recognition to Escape on the 25th September 2019. This brand new record smashes  the  previous record of 356metres held by Galaxy Erding in Germany. The slide takes an approximately about 4 minutes from the start to the end.

The water slide is built using 488 pieces offibre-reinforced polymer(FRP) slides and 326 side guard components. On overall it is connected by 10248 sets of bolts, nuts, washers, spring washers and 500 litres of silicon adhesive. The water slide is supported  by 1,206 metres of 1-foot diameter round steel poles weighing a total of 44.6 tonnes, 1,215 metres of rectangular hollow section (RHS)assupport  arms  weighing  21  tonnes  in  total,  and  224  pieces  of  steel  plates  of  0.738  tonnes connecting the water slide to the support arms and steel poles. This brings to a grand total of 66.338 tonnes of steel supporting the world’s longest water slide.

It took a duration of 24 months for the longest water slide in the world to come into picture. The installation itself took about 8 months to be completed and the surprising news is, no heavy machinery was actually used in the construction of this mega project.

“Breaking the world record was never the intention. The idea of this water slide came about over frustration that most fun rides and water slides last merely a few seconds, and having the water slide start on a hilltop at a 70-metre elevation would make this ride last a good few minutes. ESCAPE embraces the philosophy of promoting eco-literacy through fun, this water slide would ride guests through the jungle down the hill and  all  the  way  to  the  other  side  at  the  water  park.Given  the  gradient  required  of  the  water  slide,  we suddenly realised  this has  to be  in  excess of  1km, which turns out  to  be a record-breaking feat!” said Mr. Sim Choo Kheng, CEO of Sim Leisure Group

The good news is you don't have to walk all the way up to the hill top to slide down. There will be a chairlift which will transport you up conveniently. This chairlift will not only be the first in Penang but also the very first of its kind in Malaysia. Cool!

A view of the chairlift from the hill top. Can't wait to ride it when it's officially open.

The world's longest tube slide is expected to be open in Oct 2019.

Once again congratulations ESCAPE Theme Park, Penang on the achievement for having the longest tube water slide in the world.

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