New Fin-tastic Seafood Menu at The Manhattan FISH MARKET

Psssst...The Sea-cret is out! Spanking new menu items and the Golden Salted Egg Fish 'N Chips is yummeh!

I was privileged to be among those lucky few to be invited to "A Sea-cret Affair" gathering hosted by The Manhattan FISH MARKET at their Queensbay Mall outlet recently. My mum and I had a splendid time as they pampered us with all their brand new items as well as highlights of the menu and their newly launched Golden Salted Egg Fish 'N Chips, which wasn't even available to the  public yet back then.  *wink wink*

Many thanks to En. Iruwan and his amazing team for their friendly service.

Here's a recap of the "A Sea-cret Affair" gathering.

Flaming Citrus Mushroom Snapper Soup  - RM 15.50
Cherry Snapper, Shimeji Mushrooms, Enoki Mushrooms, Red Onions and Lemon.
Unlike the norms, this soup is torched with flame while being served. Fascinating I must say. The mild tangy citrus twist to the soup sure does give it a refreshing tinge.

Fried Fish Skin - RM 14.00
Be warned! It's 'dangerous' because it's dangrously addictive. One bite and you'll be wanting more of this delicious seasoned crispy tasty crunch.

Quad Delight - RM 30.00
A platter perfect for sharing. Dig into the mix crunchy treats such as Hot 'N Spicy Chicken Wing, Fried Calamari, Fried Country Mushrooms, Cranberry Coleslaw, House Salad served with Smoky Chipotle Sauce and Cajun Honey Mustard.

Garlic Herb Mussels - RM 29.00
The garlic herb sauce was delish. The fragrant taste and aroma was such a perfect match with the mussels and mantou. Dip your mantou into the sauce and you'll be wanting more.

They also prepared a small puzzle game, where we had to solve the puzzle and guess what was the name of the dish.

It was the Golden Salted Egg Fish 'N Chips :)

First the Hand-Cut Chips are served.

Then the battered fish is place on top.

Lastly, the golden Salted Egg sauce is poured over.

Tadahhhhh. All set to nom nom nom.

Oh deliciously good! Salted Egg Sauce is the bomb.

Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter (Dory) - RM72.50
A gorgeous appealing platter of hand-battered dory, Manhattan Flaming Prawns, hand-battered oysters,  calamari, garlic herb rice or butter shrimp rice, hot veggies and hand-cut chips.

Flame it up!

Signature Salmon Cubes Pasta - RM 35.00
Delicious juicy air-flown salmon trout cubes, shimeji mushroom, pea shoots, onions, cherry tomatoes, cooked with your choice of spaghetti or penne.

I was told that The Manhattan FISH MARKET now has a tartar station where you can help yourself to all the various types of tartar sauce available. I LIKE that!

Get ready to pump those sauces :)
- Original Tartar
- BBQ Tartar
- Garlic Herb Sauce
- Spicy Grapefruit Tartar
- Curry Tartar
- Lime Tartar
- Spicy Tartar

My personal favourite was the Lime Tartar. I loved the refreshing tangy taste and complimented well with all my fish and chips too :)

Spicy Tartar

And my favourite part, DESSERT time!

Manhattan Mud Pie - RM 12.50

Botanical Passion - RM 12.00
A quench thirster made of Earl Grey tea, passionfruit nectar, lime, basil leaves and mint leaves.

Celebrating your birthday soon? Their special birthday treat is not to be missed :)

Many thanks to The Manhattan FISH MARKET for hosting and to Mr. Iruwan and his team at the Queensbay Mall outlet for their excellent and friendly service.

For more info:
The Manhattan FISH MARKET Queensbay Mall
Lot 120, Lower Ground Floor,
Queensbay Mall,
Persianran Bayan Indah,
11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Tel: +604-611 8127

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