Delicious Nyonya Food To Enjoy in Penang at Richard Rivalee Nyonya Cuisine, Rain Garden Hotel Penang.

Where do you get one of the best Nyonya food in Penang? Look no further as Richard Rivalee is now serving all those beautiful Nyonya cuisine at a brand new spot in Penang. Located within the same compound of Rain Garden Hotel in Pulau Tikus, Richard Rivalee Nyonya Cuisine welcomes you to a gastronomic journey bursting with all those delightful Nyonya flavours. 

Dig into Nyonya favourites like Assam Prawns, Kapitan Curry Chicken, Braised Pork Belly in Soya Sauce, Pork Trotter Vinegar, Jicama Fried with Cuttlefish (Jiu Hu Char) and so much more. Each dish is prepared on its on unique way and flavour. Get your palates ready to be pampered.

 Oh and don't forget to try their Sago Pudding with Melaka Sugar. That's the bomb. The Melaka Sugar has such a fragrant aroma n taste. One taste of it and you will be wanting more.

We were privileged to have the opportunity to enjoy almost everything in the menu. Yay!

Let's get drooling :)

You can enter from the small lane beside the Bangkok Lane mee goreng, which will lead you to the back of Rain Garden area.

The new place has such a nice cozy ambiance with a beautiful interior.

The Best Nyonya Food Experience.

Kapitan Curry Chicken 
Regular : RM24     Large : RM30

Chicken Wine Chicken
Regular : RM 24     Large : RM30

Lemongrass Chicken
Regular : RM24      Large : RM30

Pickled Fish Stomach Curry (Perut Ikan)
Regular : RM20      Large : RM28

Pickle Fish (Acar)
Regular : RM20      Large : RM28

Sour & Spicy Stew Fish (Asam Pedas)
Regular : RM20      Large : RM28

Laksa Steamed Fish

Steamed Fish with Egg Pudding

Salted Fish Pickle
Regular : RM20      Large : RM28

Assam PrawnsSour & Spicy Stew Fish (Asam Pedas)
Regular : RM25     Large : RM70

Pan Fried Fish Stuffed with Sambal
RM12 / piece

Braised Pork Belly in Soya Sauce
Regular : RM24      Large : RM30

Braised Pork in Fermented Soy Bean Sauce (Babi Ponteh)
Regular : RM24      Large : RM30

Nyonya Curry Pork
Regular : RM28      Large : RM40

Five-spiced Loh Bak

Sweet Pork Belly 
Regular : RM24      Large : RM30

Pig Trotter Vinegar
Regular : RM24      Large : RM30

Steamed Minced Meat with Egg

Pig Stomach Soup

Salted Vegetable Duck Soup 

Sambal Petai, Kacang Botol & Lady Finger with Prawn
Regular : RM20      Large : RM28

Steamed Eggplant with Dry Shrimp
Regular : RM18      Large : RM24

Sambal Petai with Prawn
Regular : RM20     Large : RM28

Jicama Fried with Cuttlefish (Jiu Hu Char)
Regular : RM20      Large : RM28

French Bean with Garlic 
Regular : RM16      Large : RM20

Fried Zucchini with Egg
Regular : RM16      Large : RM20

Acar Vegetables
Regular : RM16      Large : RM20

Stir Fry Spinach
Regular : RM16      Large : RM20

Sweet & Sour Egg

Fu Yong Egg 

Nyonya Laksa

Prawn Fritter

Sago Pudding with Melaka Sugar

Bubur Cha Cha

Clockwise from top : 
Tumeric Rice - RM4 
Ulam Rice - RM10 
Butterfly Pea Flower Rice - RM4

With the vast myriad of menu items available for you to choose from, you wish you had a bigger tummy to taste everything. You can always return and try the other items :)

So for that delicious Nyonya Cuisine to satisfy that cravings, you've got to pop over to Richard Rivalee Nyonya Cuisine.

Thanking Richard Rivalee for hosting.

Richard Rivalee Nyonya Cuisine
282 & 282-A, Jalan Burma,
 Pulau Tikus,
10350 George Town, Penang
Tel : +604-227 4888 / +6011 1649 6399

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