Xiao Long Kan Hotpot 小龙坎老火锅 Welcomes You To The Best Hotpot Experience in Penang.

Enjoy the best of Chengdu hotpot now in Penang.

The popularity of hotpot in the Penang scene is well received and its popularity isn’t slowing down. You can surely look forward to the best hotpot experience in Penang at Xiao Long Kan Hotpot 小龙坎老火锅. The popular hotpot brand which hails from Chengdu, China has just recently opened its doors at Sunrise Tower in Gurney Drive. This marks the very first outlet in Penang and the second outlet in Malaysia after Fahrenheit 88.

Xiao Long Kan Hotpot 小龙坎老火锅has been pampering the palates of many with their various traditional broth, a secret recipe created by a Master Chef in Chongqing. The overall dining experience is filled bursting with flavours together with fresh and quality herbs and spices among other ingredients that makes dining such pleasurable. Xiao Long Kan Hotpot 小龙坎老火锅 offers nothing but the best hotpot experience in town.

A walk into the restaurant and you will be welcomed by the ever friendly staffs and eye-catching oriental setup. The first thing you will notice is the dragon sculpture backdrop with 2 red high chairs which is identical to all the other outlets even back in China. The restaurant has 2 private dining rooms meant for 8 pax and 12 pax.

Now let’s get drooling to all the delicious treats.

In order to provide the best hotpot experience here, Xiao Long Kan Hotpot 小龙坎老火锅 brought the Master Chef in all the way from Chengdu to train the team in Malaysia. Ingredients are also imported from Chengdu as they strongly emphasize on providing diners that authentic taste and flavour on par with the main outlet back in China. Doesn’t get any better doesn’t it :)

All set for the best hotpot experience in town.

The popular pick would certainly be the 3 Flavoured Pot (RM50). You can choose 3 of your favourites from the soup choices of:
Traditional Spicy Soup 麻辣汤
Mushroom Flavoured Soup 菌汤
Tomato Flavoured Soup番茄
Pork Bone Soup 大骨汤

We tried the spicy, mushroom and the tomato soup. Our personal favourite was the tomato soup. Those who love the fiery spiciness can savour the spicy level 4 . The thick broth offered a nice blend of herbs and spices with that fiery kick of spiciness. Not forgetting the aroma that was flowing up. We tried level 2 and we looked like we just came out from the shower.. hahaha..*shy shy*.  The mushroom soup had an earthy mushroom taste with a tinge of light bitterness in the ending. While the tomato soup was just perfect. A gentle tomato taste with aroma.

Traditional Spicy Soup 麻辣汤

Mushroom Flavoured Soup 菌汤

Tomato Flavoured Soup番茄

XLK Spicy Chili Beef 双辣牛肉 – RM48

Australia A5 Beef 澳洲A5和牛  - RM 128

Pork Neck 上品豬頸肉 – RM20

Pork Aorta 极品豬黃喉 – RM26

Crystal Glass Duck Intestine 冰球鴨腸 – RM28

Garoupa Fillet 石斑鱼片 - RM38

Fish Paste 手工鱼滑 - RM38

Shrimp Paste 手工蝦滑 – RM38

Rose Meat Ball 手工玫瑰丸子 – RM26

Sliced Green Bamboo Shoot 功夫青笋 – RM15

Quail Egg 鹌鹑蛋 – RM12

Mushroom Platter 什锦菌盘 – RM18

Vegetable Platter 田园蔬菜拼盘 – RM20

Starch Noodles 绍粉 – RM6 / RM12

Ling Long Roll 玲珑卷- RM18

It was recommended that the meat & seafood items to be placed into the spicy soup as it has a stronger flavour. There’s always level 1 spiciness to enjoy..ahemmm referring to us haha :)

Don’t forget to enjoy your hotpot items with their specially mixed fragrant dipping sauce. The sauce is made using a mix of chopped garlic, chilli, spring onion, coriander and XLK’s special “xiang you”. A pure indulgence when you dip your items into it before eating. Further elevates the flavour in every bite.

The ever friendly staff will be able to assist you on the mixing of the dipping sauce. Don’t worry!

Apart from the hotpot items, don’t miss out on trying these bites too. I loved the Rice Cake with Brown Sugar Syrup. One bite into it and you experience a nice mix of crispy outer, sticky inside that comes with a light sweetness from the brown sugar syrup. This was addictive.

Rice Cake with Brown Sugar Syrup 红糖糍粑 – RM8 / RM16

Fried Crispy Meat 现炸酥肉 – RM16

The Apple Vinegar Drink (RM22) is a must to order too! One sip of it and you’re hooked.

Interestingly, the menu has an indication of suggested cooking time for the items. So if you’re not too sure as to how long your ingredients to be dipped into the hotpot, just look at the menu. Easy peasy :)

So head over with your family and friends as the best hotpot experience awaits you at Xiao Long Kan Hotpot 小龙坎老火锅.

Thanking Xiao Long Kan Hotpot 小龙坎老火锅 for hosting.

Operation hours : Daily 12pm-2am

For more info:
Xiao Long Kan 小龙坎老火锅
190-192, Persiaran Gurney,
Sunrise Tower, 10250, Penang.
Tel : +6012-478 9982

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