Coffee, Food and More at Coffee Signature, Penang.

Coffee Signature isn't just another ordinary cafe around in Penang. But what makes it special from the rest? By the looks of the place and menu, it kind of looks pretty much like the rest, but when you learn about the cooking technique and experience the taste and texture , that's the part where the indulgence begins.

Located along the busy street of Jalan Ahmad Nor in Jelutong, Coffee Signature offers a delectable variety of treats and beverages as well. From soups, to brunch meals, mains, specially handcrafted coffees, irresistible desserts and many more.

Let's get drooling :)

Loving the cozy interior ambiance. A relaxing dining experience with that class of European touch. 

So what makes Coffee Signature rather different from others?

The take on Sous vide cooking technique by Coffee Signature provides customers with meals that are not only tastier but contains better nutritional and vitamin contents. The method also helps retain the beautiful flavours at the same time.

Here's a little more insight about what Sous vide cooking is all about.

Here are some of the items that we got the chance to please our palates with.

Local Kiam Hu Caesar Salad - RM16.00
The name of the dish sure raises the eyebrow for a moment. Don't worry, it isn't big chunks of salted fish being served on a bed of greens instead it's actually blended in with the dressing. So you get a twist of aromatic fragrant from the dressing. Baby romaine lettuce are layered down, topped with shaved Parmesan cheese, croutons, local anchovy caesar dressing and sous vide egg.

Cream of Mushroom - RM12.00
Soup time! Nothing like enjoying a serving of a hearty Cream of Mushroom. One spoon of the soup and the rich earthy blend of mushroom taste kicks in. It's surely a delight to enjoy the creaminess and richness at the same time. Served with breadsticks.

Sauteed Mushroom Egg - RM22.00
This was pretty good. Fluffy scramble eggs and sauteed mushrooms are sandwiched between fragrant flaky croissant, perfect blend in every bite. The mushrooms were juicy and packed with that pleasing taste. Not forgetting the irresistible fries which we just couldn't help ourselves to. Served with coleslaw on the side.

Lamb Shank Mint  - RM44.00
The lamb shank is cooked sous vide for 12 hours. Making the lamb shank tender on every cut and bite, while flavours are nicely absorbed in. The mint does give it a nice refreshing flavour to it. Served along with carrots, brussel sprouts, asparagus, shallot and mashed potato. One of the distinctive difference you will realize is when you crunch on the carrots and asparagus. Apart from the texture, the carrots and asparagus are relatively a tad sweeter.

Miso Salmon Soup - RM33.00
The salmon is cooked at 40c sous vide giving it a deliciously moist and tender salmon. The miso soup that came with it was the bomb. The delightful flavour of the stock came with some sweetness and  salmon head is used to further elevate the miso soup taste. Served with pak choy, enoki, leek, onions, cherry tomatoes, carrots and fish skin.

Kapitan Curry Chicken - RM26.00
Whole chicken leg is cooked 90°C sous vide. The Kapitan curry was mildy spicy but boast an appealing taste of the spices used. Served along with carrots, brussel sprouts, asparagus, broccoli and homemade mashed potatoes.

Cow Food (Pesto Pasta)  - RM22.00
As monotonous as the dish may look, but the taste surely isn't. The penne pasta was done perfect,  al danteness coated with that heavenly greeny pesto sauce. Served with roasted almond parmesan cheese, basil leaf, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, parmesan chips and arugula.

Smoke Duck Creamy Mushroom Linguine - RM24.00
For those who love cream based pasta, this is a must. Every twirl of the pasta is welcomed by the al dante linguine, richly coated with the creamy mushroom sauce and slices of smoked duck.  Topped with parmesan cheese, parmesan chips and sous vide egg. Pleasingly delicious. 

Beef Burger - RM28.00
Sink your teeth into this juicy temptation. The beef patty itself was amazing. Thick and juicy beef patty weighing at 200g, bacon, double cheese, onions and gherkins sandwiched between sesame bun. Served with fries and coleslaw.

If your love coffee, here are some of the specialties you can get for yourself.

Ice Drip Coffee - RM22.00
Brewed with ice water for 24 hours to extract the precious winey aroma and flavour.

Drip Coffee - RM16-20
For those who love specialty coffee, do check with their barista on their day's special.

Houjicha - RM13.00
Green tea lovers, do give this a shot. Love the aroma and taste.

Lemongrass Ginger Tea  - RM13.00

Triple Chocolate Frappe - RM17.00
For those who don't really fancy coffee or tea, fret not there's chocolate for you to indulge too. 

Blue Sapphire Soda - RM20.00

This cute looking drink is actually their soda specialty. Truly something unusual. Pop your way to a sodalicious refreshing sparkly treat of blueberry soda. Enjoy a mix of ingredients such as ice watermelon cube, longan, bursting boba, lemon among others. The cute thing you spot is actually cotton candy, which is served along with the drink.

Mine..all mine..muahahahhaha :p

Lastly, time for desserts!

Chocolate Waffle with Banana Nutella Sauce - RM18.00
This is pure satisfaction and addiction at the same time. The waffles are crispy on the outer and with Nutella drizzled over it. Oh so good! This, you got to try.

Coffee Panna Cotta 
Velvety coffee panna cotta topped with coffee jelly on top.  

Coffee Signature also offers a private room with:
- Minimum spending of RM300.00 in a single receipt. Max use of 3 hours.
- 8 main course and drinks. Minimum 8 pax.

If you are keen to have an event back there, they are also able to cater special arrangements for your event. Be it birthdays, corporate, or any special celebrations, get it touch with them. :)

The next time if you're looking for a spot to sit back and relax over coffee or a spot for a delicious meal with family and friends, pop over to Coffee Signature, Penang.

Oh and you don't have to worry about parking, lots of space to park. :)

Thanking Coffee Signature for hosting.

For more info:
Coffee Signature
Opens Daily : 12pm - 10pm
9-LG-01, Jalan Ahmad Nor,
11600 Jelutong,
Tel : +6011-1320 0088

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