Christmas Eve Dining at Bayview Hotel Georgetown Penang

With Christmas fast approaching and if you're looking for a spot to dine with your loved one during Christmas Eve, then why not pop over to Bayview Hotel Georgetown Penang as they will be serving a scrumptious festive feast with burst of flavours for you to enjoy away.  

You can look forward to a mix of flavours - local delights as well as international cuisines to pamper your palate with.

Get ready to drool :P

Let's start off the meal with some fresh greens, condiments and your favourite dressing at the Salad Bar section. 

Spotted one of my favourite - Potato Salad. 

Among the other salads available are German Red Cabbage Salad with Raisin & Pea Sprouts Salad

Vietnam Spring Roll with Mayonnaise on Boat

Grab a serving or two of the hearty soups available on the buffet line.

Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Fish Maw and Chinese Herbs

As you can see, the soup is packed with ingredients and the aroma is just so welcoming.

Roots Vegetables Soup with Dry Scallops

The soup offered a nice creamy taste with a tinge of sweetness to it.

Salmon Sashimi and 1/2 Shell Scallop

For those who love salmon, this is going to be a delightful treat.

Somehow a Christmas meal wouldn't really be complete without a turkey right? The good news is, they will be serving Roast Turkey and it sure is a palate pleaser.

 Head over to the turkey station and grab a few slices of the tender juicy Roast U.S.A Tom's Turkey. Sauces available for you to enjoy with your turkey are Gilbert Sauce, B.B.Q Sauce, Black Pepper Sauce, Rosemary Sauce and Cranberry Sauce.

Time to explore the various flavours and style of prepration of the main dishes. 

Potatoes Au Gratin with Shiromi Mushroom

Nestum Fish with Cheesy Mayonnaise

When it comes to fillet and deep-fried, I can't resist the temptation.

German Farmer Sausages on Bed of Vegetables Stew

Mutton Rendang
Love the flavour of the spices used in the rendang. Mutton was tender and packed with spice taste.

Deep-fried Prawn with Golden Salted Egg and Local Herbs

Chicken Curry Kapitan

An all time favourite. Curry Kapitan is such a comfort food to the palate. Love the aroma and beautiful taste it had.

Buttered Garden Vegetable with Fresh Corn

Champignon Butter Rice with Raisin

Chicken Satay
The satay was really nice. The skewers of chicken meat was tender and like beats like having the rich thick peanut sauce. Thumbs up.

Panggang Whole Sea Perch with Tamarind Sauce
Now this is something you don't always get but when you do, especially if you love panggang fish, only one word - attack! hehehe...

Oh just look at the delicious items on the grill. Look at them sizzle with juiciness.

Fancy a plate of pasta? Head over to the pasta station where the chef will be preparing the pasta with choice of either Cheezy Sauce or Napoli sauce and your choice of pasta  - spaghetti or fettuccine. Served with Homemade Seafood Tortellini on top.

I know the food is tempting, but make sure to keep some space for the delicious desserts too. 

Get ready to treat yourself to the delectable Christmas goodies like  Xmas Log Cake, Xmas Pudding with Vanilla Sauce, Assorted Xmas Cookies, Chocolate Profiteroles, Red Dragon Fruit in Glass, Three Layer Pudding and Jelly in Glass,

Love that they have a variety of ice cream flavours to indulge. The Chocolate Vanilla ripple. Yummz!

Lastly, a bowl of a icy cool Ais Kacang.

Fresh Cut Fruits

With a scrumptious spread of delectable temptations, make sure you place your bookings fast to avoid disappointment.

Christmas Eve Dinner Delight
24 December 2019
Kopitiam Restaurant
From 6.30pm
Adult : RM98nett
Child : RM78nett
Entitled for Buy 1 Free 1 Beer Promo at Lobby Lounge.

 New Year's Eve BBQ Buffet Dinner
31 December 2019
Kopitiam Restaurant
From 6.30pm
Adult : RM118nett
Child : RM88nett
Entitled for Buy 1 Free 1 Beer Promo at Lobby Lounge.

Thanking Bayview Hotel Georgetown Penang for hosting.

For more info:
Bayview Hotel Georgetown Penang 
25A Farquhar Street,
10200 George Town,
Tel : +604-263 3161

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