Delightful Modern Italian Cuisine at Markus Restaurant, Penang.

Been looking for an ideal spot to savour the delightful taste of Italian cuisine in Penang? Then Markus Restaurant in Pulau Tikus is where you should make a visit to.  Located along the bustling street of Jalan Cantonment, the semi-fine dine restaurant was established in the year 2014 and has been pampering the palates of many with the gorgeous delectable flavours of Italian cuisine.

The modern Italian cuisines restaurant makes changes to their seasonally inspired menu every few months to anticipate diners with various dining experience and they source their ingredients from the finest suppliers and also handpick freshly from local producers. Every plate sparks flavours of comfort and delight.

Here are some of the highlights which we were privileged to enjoy.

Oh and you've got to visit them, especially this month as some of their dishes has got their seasonal menu highlight - Black Truffles.

A walk in and you're welcomed by the warm cozy ambiance that makes dining such pleasurable. The restaurant has 2 floors of dining space. 

With a section on the upper floor, where you can also opt for small private functions or private dining with a small group.

 The talented young Chef Markus Lee started his culinary journey, training and working at various fine establishments near & far to develop his culinary skills. Among those places were: Amador Restaurant - a 3 Michelin Star restaurant in Germany, Shook @ JW Marriott in Kuala Lumpur and Garibaldi from Singapore - a 1 Michelin Star restaurant.

Let's get drooling :)

Bread Basket 
Start off with a quick and easy basket of Homemade Foccacia Bread & Homemade Gluten Free Bread served with Balsamic Vinegar & Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Roast Beef topped with Tuna Sauce, Borlotti Beans and Freshly Shaved Italian Black Truffles

The roast beef was served thin and offered such a nice delicate taste when enjoyed with the Borlotti Beans and Freshly Shaved Italian Black Truffles

Panfry Hokkaido Scallops served with Spinach & Truffle Emulsion
The scallop itself was amazing. The dense scallop together with the creamy emulsion served  - what an indulgence.

Lobster Bisque served with Fines Herbes, Lobster Tail and Milk Foam
For those who love the rich aroma taste of crustacean seafood in every scoop, the lobster bisque is a must try. 

Foie Gras & Eel Risotto 
A delicacy that  may look simple but the preparation and the delight taste of foie gras and ell, simply pampers the palate. 

The Cheese Wheel Pasta is something unique, interesting and such a palate pleaser. The dish consist of Homemade Truffle Infused Pasta, Crispy Parma Ham (Authentic Prosciutto di Parma Ham) & Crushed Pistachio Nuts. One bite into it and it's an instant love.

We were shown how the dish was made. You get that silky rich creaminess from the melted cheese that coats the pasta as the hot pasta is being twirled inside the cheese wheel. Then topped with bits of Crispy Parma Ham and Crushed Pistachio Nuts giving it that nice crunch bite texture. Satisfyingly delicious!

Pounded Pork Tenderloin topped with Sage, Parma Ham and served with Mash Potatoes and Freshly Shaved Black Truffle
* They will not have freshly shaved black truffle by January but a truffle infused mash potato will be served instead

The pork tenderloin has surely received some pounding :p and for that, you are able to enjoy the tenderness it has and it's best eaten with other items as it gives an overall mix flavours of satisfaction. There's a little tinge of saltiness from the Parma Ham.

Smoked Duck Breast with Potato Quenelle & Berry Sauce
The moist duck breast is drizzled over with berry sauce; fragrant fruity aroma with a little tad of sweet sourish taste.

Gnocchi with Tomato Sauce & Buffalo Mozzarella
The gnocchi was just perfect. If you didn't know, Gnocchi is actually a homemade potato dumpling, done right and it has the nice bite texture - light and not chewy. Served along with authentic Italian Buffalo Cheese.

Limoncello Souffle served with Vanilla Haagen Dazs Ice Cream 
This airy fluffy souffle just melts away in your mouth.  The Limoncello, their homemade lemon liqueur, gives that light tangy citrusy note to the souffle and together with the ice cream, it's a perfect compliment of each other.  

Classic Tiramisu 
Trust me, all it takes is just once scoop of this tiramisu and you'll be be wanting more of it instantly. Made with Ladyfingers Biscuit, Chocolate Chips, Italian Amaretto liquor and Italian Mascarpone Cheese. It was incredibly good. You can taste the luxuriousness richness on your palate with a punch of aroma. Thinking of it makes me crave for it.

The restaurant is also a wine centric restaurant as it  has its very own custom built temperature-controlled walk in wine cellar. Chef Markus's business partner has a WSET level 2 certification and the cellar stores more than 200 over labels of wines consisting of both Old & New World wines. Wine aficionados will be thrilled to spot the wine cellar and the range of wines available. Chef Markus Lee believes that excellent accompaniments is a must, to be paired with great food.

Thanking Markus Restaurant for hosting.

Markus Restaurant
37F, Jalan Cantonment,
10250 Pulau Tikus, Penang.
Tel: +604-226 1443

Operation Hours :
Wed  - Sun
12pm-2.30pm , 6pm-10pm

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