G Hotel Media Appreciation Night 2019

G Hotel Media Appreciation Night 2019

It was a night of feasting and good fun. Most importantly, knowing how much the hotel appreciates our little contribution as bloggers. Thank you for not leaving us, the bloggers out.

Guests of that night were pampered to a variety of delicious delectable treats, drinks as well as a few games which rewarded everybody who was there that night. The best price certainly were the room stays. Oh how I wished I had some luck hahaha..

Here's a recap of what took place that night.

There were 4 games for us to choose from, supposedly the name of the games would give the hint of the game, but I was truly clueless hahaha..So I just randomly picked one.

Mr. Michael Hanratty - General Manager of G Hotel

Time to pamper our palates first. Feast away :)

Tomyam Spaghetti with Seafood 

Shrimp Fritter with Garlic Lemon Aioli

Smoked Duck Mantou

Chicken & Beef Satay

Salmon Mentaiko

Roasted Beef

Roasted Turkey

Black Treacle Pudding with Vanilla Sauce


It was then time for the giggles and laughter to kick in. Game time.
Among some of the games where participants had to shake ping pong balls out from the boxes tied to their waist, milking a goat and group drinking competition. 

Thanking G Hotel for hosting another memorable fun night.

For more information:
G Hotel Gurney
168, Persiaran Gurney,
10250, Penang
Tel : +604 - 238 0000

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