Potatoes USA - Delicious Cooking with U.S. Potatoes

Potatoes USA recently held an event at The Wembley, Penang which saw 2 invited Japanese Master Chefs demonstrating 2 easy-to-prepare delicious items each and sharing why U.S. Potatoes is their choice. Guest also had the opportunity to savour some of the specially crafted dishes by the chefs from The Wembley, Penang using U.S. Potatoes.

Here are some fun-potato-facts that you may not know off :
- With just 110 calories, one medium skin-on potato provides 30% of your daily value of Vit C and more potassium than a medium-sized banana.
- Potatoes have absolutely no fat and are sodium-free and cholesterol-free.
- Potatoes are more energy packed than any other popular vegetable.
- Potatoes are nutrient-dense complex carbohydrate.
- Potatoes are a good source of Vit B

There are more than 100 varieties of potatoes sold throughout the United States. Each of these varieties fit into one of seven potato type categories:-

Here are the products that you can find at your local stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

The Master Chefs that were invited were Chef Yukichi Matsubara and Chef Hideaki Nakajima.

(L) Chef Yukichi Matsubara and Chef Hideaki Nakajima (R)

Chef Yukichi Matsubara started off the demonstration with preparing and presenting 2 items - U.S. Potato Curry Bun and U.S. Potato Pizza with Gorgonzola.

Below are the recipes for you to try at home :)

Chef Hideaki Nakajima then showed his 2 creations also using U.S. Potatoes in it. The 2 dishes presented were Nikujaga and U.S. Potato Buns Topped with Seafood Sauce. 

Here are some of the dishes specially prepared by the team at The Wembley, Penang using U.S. Potato.

Shepherd's Pie Bread Boat

Cheezy Spice Chicken with Tomato Gravy Potato Skin

Mashed Potatoes and Crabmeat Crostini

Apple Juice, Beet Root and Potato.

There's so many delicious creations that you can whip up using U.S. Potatoes and a little creativity.

Thanking Potatoes USA for hosting.

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