Ramadan Food Delivery Service by The Light Hotel Penang

With the on-going MCO, I'm sure many of us will be missing the beautiful array of tantalizing feast which The Light Hotel serves specially during the Holy Month of Ramadan. You can still enjoy some of the delicious highlights now at the comfort of your home as they are offering Food Delivery Service. Making it to easy for you to berbuka puasa, don't have to worry about cooking :)

We were privilege to be savour these delicious feast prepared by The Light Hotel. For their delivery menu, the hotel offers a range of items from their Signature Delights , Western as well as Chinese favourites.

Let's get drooling :)

25 Apr - 23 May 2020
10am - 7pm
Last order 6.30pm

To order 
Call :  +6017-4747965
Email :  fb@thelighthotelpg.com
- Payment mode : Credit card / E-wallet / Online Transfer
 - Pre-order one day in advance is required for R01 / R11 / C13 / C14
- Minimum spending 
Mainland - RM 100 & above
Penang Island - RM200 & above
- Additional transportation charges will be imposed

- Lamb Shank Yemeni Mandy Rice
- The Light Hotel Mutton Biryani
- The Light Hotel Chicken Biryani
- Spring Chicken Saudi Kabsa Rice

- Honey BBQ Chicken Drumettes
- Deep Fried Chicken Chop with Black Pepper Sauce / Mushroom Sauce
- Grilled Lamb Chop with Basil Pesto  & Black Pepper Sauce
-Seafood Marinara Pasta

  - Roasted Duck with Homemade Sweet BBQ Sauce & Garlic-Chili Sauce (Whole Bird)
- Roasted Chicken with Homemade Sweet BBQ Sauce & Garlic-Chili Sauce (Whole Bird)
 - Three Seasons Platter : Prawn Beancurd Skin Rolls, Chicken with Cashew Nuts,  Marinated Japanese Octopus with Mixed Fruits
- Char Koay Teow with Prawn & Egg
- Special Fried Rice with Chicken, Satay and Egg

Kindly refer to the poster for more info.

We were treated to 3 of their Signature Delights - Lamb Shank Yemeni Mandy Rice, The Light Hotel Chicken Biryani and Spring Chicken Saudi Kabsa Rice. All of Signature Delights items comes with dhalca, condiments and papadom.

Each item welcomes you with a burst of aroma and tantalizing flavour. The chicken was nicely done. With an appealing marination offering a nice juicy tender taste on every bite. While those who love lamb shanks are in for a satisfied treat.

Not forgetting the basmati rice that came with it. The fully long grains are soaked with aroma and taste that is such a pleasurable indulgence. I think can just 'sapu' all 3 boxes in one go. So good :)

Lamb Shank Yemeni Mandy Rice
R01 Individual Set - RM38.00
R11 Family Set - RM178.00

The Light Hotel Chicken Biryani
R03 Individual Set - RM26.00
R13 Family Set - RM110.00

Spring Chicken Saudi Kabsa Rice
R04 Individual Set - RM26.00
R14 Family Set - RM128.00

So contact The Light Hotel and place your orders today. 

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadan.

Thanking The Light Hotel for the kind treat.

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