First FamilyMart Penang Officially Opens

FamilyMart Finally Opens Its First Outlet in Penang.

The well-known Japanese convenience store has arrived in Penang.

FamilyMart is well-known to many Penangites even though Penang hasn't had one yet until the 30th July 2020, where the very first FamilyMart outlet opened its doors at Karpal Singh Drive, Penang. Wohoooooo!

The first outlet in Malaysia opened back in November 2016. So it took about 3.5 years before we had out very first outlet here in Penang. In fact this is their number 200th outlet #200FamilyMart in Malaysia. Wow!  That's quite a number of outlets that has been opened in KL, Melaka and Johor.

So I manage to pop over on the first day of the opening itself and for those who are new to the brand, here's a glimpse of what the hype is all about when it comes to FamilyMart. It has it's very own uniqueness and people love the food, drinks and soft serve ice cream that they serve. They surely offer a very different experience when it comes to convenience store.

Be warned. Their food is a temptation that is hard to resist. You enter and the food will just automatically be a magnet to you eyes. I wanna buy this and this and that, and everything lah! I just want to eat everything in the store.. haha :p

They also offer quite a variety of food to go. Like sandwiches, bento boxes, salads, bakery breads, hot snacks, desserts and many more.

Pity my soft serve ice cream French Creme Brulee. I think the cashier's POS had some issues and was waiting for the drawer to open. Took quite a while and my ice cream started melted before I could snap a pic of it. Haiyaaaaaa.. but you should try it. They have different promotional flavours. Make sure you try every new flavours :P  

ODEN!!!! For those who has not tried, this one one of the must try at FamilyMart. The Tomyam Oden is slurp! 

This is the Tom Yum Dinner Bowl.

Which is your favourite items at FamilyMart? Do share in the comments below :)

Enjoy store opening 25% OFF when you show them you like their page:
Sofuto Ice Cream (30 July - 2 Aug 2020)
Brown Sugar Bubble Milk (3 - 9 Aug 2020)
Frappe (10 - 16 Aug 2020)
Large Coffee (17 - 23 Aug 2020)
*While stocks last.

Next outlet will be opening on the 8 August 2020 at Autocity, Juru. The following outlets will be in Pulau Tikus and rumours has it that there will be an outlet in Raja Uda too. 

Hope they will open more outlets in Penang soon.

Congratulations FamilyMart and Welcome to Penang :)

Thank you for finally coming to Penang ..hehe.. Like a dream came true :)

FamilyMart Penang
No. 29C-01-19 & No. 29C-01-20, 
Maritime, Persiaran Karpal Singh, 
11600 Jelutong, Penang.

Temporary operating hours during RMCO period:
7am to 12 midnight (Normal is 24Hours)

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  1. Aisey...y they buli u...give u so tiny cone...come...i piak piak them. they hv Sea Salt Ice cream? If yes, must try. Manyak sedap i tell u..... lol

    1. Sad lo..i saw those people who bought before me, all their sofuto so small one..I said sure gone la..If i buy sure XS size one.. True enough small.. Makan also not enough LOL.. The Sea Salt was past few months ago. Have to wait til they bring it back again and then only can try. But the name like not so appealing only LOL..


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