Secret Recipe - New Cake - Burnt Cheese Cake

The News Has Broken: The Burnt Cheese Cake is HOT! 

Secret Recipe has just recently launched a new addition to their range of delicious treats - Burnt Cheese Cake. A creamy smooth indulgence that's creamy on the inside and caramelized on the outside giving that nice bittersweet note on every bite.

I kinda miss their Classic Cheese Cake. That was one of my favourite. Sadly, they have discontinued it for a while now. Hope one day, soon, they will bring it back again. 

So, Have You Tried The New Cake?

If you have tried the Burnt Cheese Cake, do share you comments in the comment section below.

Speaking of Burnt Cheese Cake, it was the hype when Malaysia went into MCO. Everybody was baking it. 


Ni dia kek terbaharu dari Secret Recipe - Burnt Cheese Cake. Nampak macam best aje kan. Dah try ke belum? Kalau dah try kongsikan pendapat anda, best ke tak kek tu?


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