Organic Natural Handmade Neem Leaves Soap, Oil and More in Penang.

These Natural Organic Handmade Neem Leaves Products Are Liked By Many.

Looking for some wholesome natural organic handmade neem leaves products in Penang? Then you have found it :) Proud Mary's Agape Kitchen presents a series of handmade products using neem leaves such as Neem Leaves Soap, Neem Leaves Oil, Neem Facial Oil, Neem Leaves Shampoo, Roll On and Neem Leaves Powder. Neem leaves are known to bring many healthy benefits from increasing immunity, help treat skin disorder, stronger hair among many other benefits.

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The Natural Products Perfect For Yourself, Family and As A GIft.

Neem Leaf Body Oil 
Moisturises your skin, lighten aging pigmentation, boost natural production of natural collagen, helps eczema & skin irritation. 
RM200 per bottle (500ml)

Neem Leaves Oil
Promotes hair growth, eliminates scalp odour, dandruff, lice & itchy scalp. 
RM50 per bottle (100ml)

Neem Leaves Soap
Clears aging spot and dark pigmentation while keeping your skin moist, subtle & free from radicals. 
RM10 per piece

Neem Leaves Shampoo cum Conditioner
The shampoo cum conditioner is chemical-free. Leaving your hair soft and fluffy. Say goodbye to fizzy unmanageable hair.
 RM100 per bottle (500ml)

Neem Facial Oil with Vitamin E, Almond & Rosehip oil
Eliminates fine lines, boost natural production of natural collagen & lighten dark pigmentation. 
RM30 per bottle (30ml)
 RM40 per bottle (50ml)

Roll-on Neem Leaves Oil
Helps inflammation from insects bites, cuts & burns. 
RM6 per bottle (5ml)
 RM8 per bottle (10ml)

Neem Leaves Powder
 To brush your teeth with your toothpaste
Eliminates bad breath, giving you healthier gums 
RM20 per container (silver cap)

Apart from these products, another much sough product is the Bentong Ginger Powder.

Organic Bentong Ginger Powder 
RM100  per bottle (250g)

To  order or for more information, you may kindly whatsapp Mary directly at

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