Hotpot and Affordable Lunch Meals at 鍋好料 Guo Hao Liao

Experience Tantalising Hotpot and Karaoke at 鍋好料 Guo Hao Liao 

Craving for hotpot in the heart of Penang? Crave no more as 鍋好料 Guo Hao Liao offers a delightful variety tantalising goodies for your hotpot experience. Apart from being known for their hotpot, they also do serve other variety of meal options like rice, noodles, finger food and more. Do also try their recently introduced affordable lunch menu.

Located along Lebuh Leith, 鍋好料 Guo Hao Liao welcomes you to a nice modern contemporary dining ambiance with private rooms which comes with karaoke setting. Which means you can sing and eat and sing. Don't you just love that! I know I do, but just pity those who dine with as me they will have to bear listening to my duck voice sing as they enjoy their meal hahahaha..

So Much To Eat at 鍋好料 Guo Hao Liao

The place has a variety of items for you to choose from the menu. What you see are just part of all the a la carte items that you can find on the menu. They also do have promotional set options for 2 pax and 4 pax diners. 

They have a total of 6 choices of soup base for you to enjoy and you can enjoy a 15% off when you order twin soup base. Shown below from left is the Wild Mushroom Pork Bone Soup, Signature Mala Tomato, Garoupa Fish Head & Yam and the last soup on the far right is the Supreme Herbal Tonic. Each soup base caters for various taste buds. There's certainly something for everyone.

Each soup offers a different experience of flavour and taste. My personal favourite has to be the Garoupa Fish Head & Yam. It has a special sweetness from the fish and the yam just gives the soup a nice overall taste. 

Why not elevate the taste further? One of the recommendation is to add 4 caps of 8 or 25 year old Shaoxing wine into the Garoupa Fish Head & Yam. 

Private rooms are available for your private dinner.

Karaoke time!
Sing it! Cos baby you're a firework haha..

Here's the sauce and condiments stations.

If you're alone and wish to enjoy hotpot, they even have a personal hotpot set for you with 3 soup base for you to pick from. There are 2 options of hot pot set - meat set RM14.90 and seafood set RM16.90.

Apart from personal hotpot, there are also other items such as Teriyaki Don, Fried Rice, Rice and Noodles options.

Kindly refer to the menu below for more details.

Meat Set

Another item to try is their Gan Guo series - with  options of pork belly, chicken or frog.

Prawn Yang Zhou Fried Rice

Teriyaki Don Pork Belly

Lamian with Minced Pork

Crumbed Pork Chop

Korean Fried Chicken

Japanese Fried Chicken

Truffle Cheese Fries

Gan Guo Prawns

Make a trip over to 鍋好料 Guo Hao Liao today for that amazing hotpot experience.

Thanking 鍋好料 Guo Hao Liao for hosting.

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