PWPA Chinese New Year Virtual Celebration 2021

Penang Wedding Professionals Association (PWPA) Celebrates Chinese New Year Virtually

The new normal under the pandemic has made the Annual New Year gathering of the Penang Wedding Professionals Association (PWPA) different from previous years! The Online Live broadcast of the CNY Virtual Celebration 2021, which gathered 50 bloggers and members of the Association, ended successfully on the Facebook page of the Association last week.

Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow said in the New Year greeting video that although the Covid-19 pandemic is raging, the Penang State Government does not forget the professionals in the wedding industry and will continue to give support to wedding industry and also work together for Penang's wedding tourism industry. YB Yeoh Soon Hin, Chairman of the Penang State Executive Councillor for Tourism, Arts, Culture and Heritage, also hopes that everyone can fight the pandemic with a positive attitude and work together to make Penang one of the best places for weddings.

Prior to the FB Live event, with the collaboration of The Light Hotel in Penang, the Yee Shang set was sent to the door step of 50 online attendees. At the same time, it also gives away the dining and accommodation vouchers from several hotels in the state. Other exciting activities include call to win AngPow Cash, Best OOTD Award, lucky draw and so on.

"The past year has been a difficult time, but I believe that as long as we in the industry work together, we will be able to overcome this difficult time. Do not have to worry, please feel free to contact the Penang Wedding Professionals Association; we will definitely give the best Professional opinions." The president of the association, Low Chin Siang, said in a speech during the live broadcast. Vince Ooi, the Organising Chairman, expressed his gratitude to all the participants and to the organising team.

The Penang Wedding Professionals Association currently has 70 members from companies of the wedding industry, including well-known hotels and wedding venues in the state. The association is also encourage more people to join the industry and strengthen the Penang wedding industry. Those who are interested to join the accociation, please contact The President Low Chin Siang, 016 4101880 or The Head of Membership Venon Kong, 0174818190 for more details.

良缘cow向你 槟婚庆协会线上齐捞生送大礼



该会在线上齐捞生之前,在槟城日光酒店 (The Light Hotel) 配合下,将七彩鱼生逐一送到五十位线上与会者府上,并在线上新春盛典直播当中共襄盛举,同时也送出州内多加酒店的餐饮及住宿配套,其他精彩活动包括现场拨电话予主办单位赢现金红包、新春最佳造型、幸运轮盘抽奖等等。

”过去的一年是个艰难的时刻,但我相信只要我们行内业者齐心协力,必定能度过这次的难关。准新人们也不必担心,欢迎大家随时联系槟城婚庆专业协会,我们必定给予最专业的意见,成就新人们的婚姻大事。“ 该会会长刘劲祥于线上新春盛典直播中致词时表示。筹委主席黄仁渊对一众与会者表示感谢。

槟城婚庆专业协会目前的会员皆70来自家婚庆行业相关领域的公司,当中包括州内知名酒店及婚礼场地。该会也正积极注入新血以壮大槟城婚庆行业。有兴趣加入该会的槟城婚庆业者,欢迎联系会长刘劲祥 016 4101880或会员总监江旭为0174818190以获取更多详情。 

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