Father's Day Durian Packages by Iconic Hotel & Iconic Durian, Penang.

Treat Dad to These Delicious Durians by Iconic Hotel & Iconic Durian, Penang.

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Father's Day is almost here and if your Dad is a big fan of DURIANS, then wait no more. Order your durians from Iconic Hotel and your Dad is in for a lovely durian feast. Iconic Hotel presents 3 delicious durian combos for you to choose from. 

For those who love durian, well you can actually order for yourself and your whole family too la haha.. It's hard to resist the temptation :p

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Pre-order yours today.

Delivery : 18-20/6/2021, between 1pm - 4pm

Combo A - RM128 (3 boxes)

Combo B  - RM188 (5 boxes)

Combo C - RM268 (5 boxes)

Their durians are harvested daily from their very own orchard in Balik Pulau. So your durians are fresh :)

Durians will be mixed at random and subject to availability.

Hurry! Stocks are limited!

Limited Edition Durian Disposable Medical Mask available to purchase exclusively at Iconic Durian Stall @ RM7/10pcs 

Whatsapp to pre-order: 

Woo-  watsap.me/send/60174282139 

Isabella- watsap.me/send/60164488675 

Eugene- watsap.me/send/60124999041

Justin - watsap.me/send/60124408405


Thanking Iconic Hotel & Iconic Durian for delivering over these beautiful and delicious treats.

For more information:
Iconic Hotel
71 Jalan Icon City,
Icon City, 
Bukit Mertajam, 
14000 Penang.
Tel : +604-5059988

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