G Hotel, Penang Gives Back To Society With Covid-19 Vaccinated Pins


Covid-19 Vaccinated Pins by G Hotel, Penang

G Hotel, Penang Gives Back To Society With Covid-19 Vaccinated Pins

One of the foremost imperative things that ought to be on everyone’s to-do list is getting inoculated against COVID-19 to keep this never-ending widespread at bay. By getting vaccinated, not only will one be making a difference to themselves but moreover securing and protecting family, friends and the public who can be more vulnerable to long-term side impacts or complications.


In line with G Hotel's effort in keeping guests safe and worry-free when staying or dining in, G Hotel decided to give out Covid-19 Vaccinated pins to all employees who have been fully vaccinated. The reason behind this was to let guests know that the staff is safe and also to encourage those who have doubts about vaccination to get vaccinated.  


Ever since G Hotel introduced this effort, suggestions of making these pins available to the public have been pouring in and, lo and behold, the Covid-19 Vaccinated Pins are now available to customers for only RM10/pc. These enamel pins come in 2 striking colours of white and red and can be pinned to clothes, added to your pin collection or even as a bag accessory. 


Now, this is no ordinary sale of pins. With the current situation of families who are struggling due to the pandemic, G Hotel will be donating all proceeds from the sale of the Covid-19 Vaccinated Pins to the Family Hope Welfare Association. This wonderful Association helps unfortunate individuals and families who are poor, disabled and handicapped. The purchase of these pins will be a meaningful symbol of hope and assistance to those in need to remind them that they are not alone during these troubled times.


"The Covid-19 Vaccinated Lapel Pins shows our appreciation to vaccine recipients as well as frontliners and helps to create a sense of assurance and positivity within the community that we are playing our part in the fight against COVID. Not only that, we are also grateful that, with your support, we'll be able to help families and individuals in need" said G Hotel's General Manager, Michael Hanratty.


To purchase these pins, please call 04-2380000 or approach the front desk at G Hotel Gurney. 


G Hotel, Penang Gives Back To Society With Covid-19 Vaccinated Pins

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