Biofri Awareness Launch and Spreading Christmas Cheers To The Underprivileged

Biofri Introduces Latest Biofri Synbiotic and Spreads Christmas Joy To The Less Fortunate

It was a delightful occasion as Biofri introduced its latest Biofri Synbiotic to the distributors and guests in the northern region during their Biofri Awareness Launch held in Penang recently. Biofri - a local health supplement brand was first introduced to the public back in September 2020 and despite being realtively new to the industry, the brand and the products has been well-received. With Christmas coming up real soon, Biofri took this awareness launch event as an opportunity to give back to the community by spreading the Christmas joy and love to the less fortunate.

L- R : Frida Khong, founder of Biofri with Dato' Annie Chin of WCC

The friendly Biofri team ever ready welcoming guests at the entrance.

Frida Khong, Founder of Biofri during her welcoming speech.

Khong during her opening speech was delighted to share of the good news, "Today we would like to take the honour of being able to realise our next up coming product to the market. Biofri Synbiotic, a multiblend of Prebiotic and Probiotic, a supplement for out guts health and well being,"

"I would like to announce that a token of RM10 per box on any Biofri items from tonight's sales proceed shall be given towards the donation funds for WCC Penang", added Khong.

Founder of Biofri, Frida Khong presented 2 mock cheques of RM1,000 each along with donations in kind consisting of Korean water purifiers, wheelchairs, masks, hand sanitisers, gloves and bedsheets to  Besthesda Home and Children's Protection Society Penang. Biofri also handed a cheque of RM1,000 to Dato' Annie Chin who is the Fund Raising Ambassador of WCC (Women's Centre for Change) Penang. The WCC is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation that helps women and children who are abused, raped and sexually assaulted. 

Dato' Annie Chin , The Fund Raising Ambassador of WCC (Women's Centre for Change) Penang

Dato' Annie Chin expressed her gratitude for Biofri by quoting that she was encouraged to see that there are still people who cares and they (Biofri) come all the way from Ipoh. 

 Receiving the mock cheques were representative from the homes; T. Daniel Thiagarajan of Bethesda Home and Catherine Turner of Children's Protection Society Penang.

Guests were entertained to the melodious performance by the talented Brian Durado.

About Biofri
BioFri is an Amino Antioxidant collagen beverage that is composed of different types of collagen. It has a molecular size of 1000 daltons and 5000 mg collagen per sachet to ensure that it works. It helps to supplement the loss of collagen in our body. Our body loses 1.5 to 2.0 % of collagen each year. Collagen provides strength and stability to all our artery walls, organs and tissues. It is like a mesh of iron rods and BRC that reinforce concrete.

BioFri contains all the desired amino acids for the restoration of collagen fibres in our body. For instance, Vitamin C, proline, lysine, cysteine and arginine strengthen the collagen and connective tissues that may inhibit the growth and spread of cancer cells. BioFri regenerates skin cells and prevents transepidermal water loss (TEWL) thus protecting the skin from dullness, wrinkling and premature ageing.

BioFri is a holistic formulation and contains many other important ingredients and phytonutrients such as isolated soy protein dipeptides, mixed berries, acid aminos, vitamins, asthaxanthin, aloe vera and antioxidants that help to improve the overall health and well-being.

Biofri's natural ingredients enhances and promotes better health:
- Boost the immune system
- Detoxifies the body
- Eiminates pigmentation and dark blemishes
- Beautifies and restores skin elasticity
- Rejuvenates cells, tissues and organs
- Promotes heart and cardiovascular health
- Promotes brain and eye health
- Provides and strengthens structures of bones, tendons, ligaments and assist in reducing inflammations.

Thanking Biofri for hosting.

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