“Sip & Pour: Oh, What A Life!” Art Showcase by Tina Degreef at G Hotel Gurney, Penang

 Tina Degreef’s First Solo Art Exhibition, “Sip & Pour: Oh, What A Life!” at G Hotel Gurney, Penang

G Hotel Penang G Art Gallery Art Exhibition Tina Degreef Sip & Pour

G Hotel Guney, Penang shines the spotlight on Tina Degreef, Penang born artist who is also a baker, a chef and a jewellery maker on her very first solo art exhibition, “Sip & Pour: Oh, What A Life!” at G Art Gallery.  Tina, a self-taught artist began having the interest and explored mixed media fluid art during the start of the Covid pandemic and has fallen in love with it since. She has created many gorgeous masterpieces with inspirations of designs and colours coming from her Peranakan heritage and with motifs that symbolises good fortune and wealth.

Tina Degreef G Hotel Penang G Art Gallery Art Exhibition Sip & Pour
Ms. Tina Degreef 

Michael Hanratty General Manager G Hotel Penang
Mr. Michael Hanratty, GM of G Hotel

Ms. Tina presenting a gift to G Hotel. 

G Art Gallery Penang G Hotel Gurney Penang

Fluid art or known as pouring art is done with the process of pouring paints of different consistency onto the canvas without using any brush or palatte knife. Tina uses different techniques, among them is spinning the canvas and using a hair dryer blowing the paints which then results in a visually satisfying stunning masterpiece.

As easy as it may seem, but it takes a lot of trial and errors in knowing and getting the right consistency of the paints, the right colours and the correct techniques. Anybody can just blow a hair dryer, but having the control is another thing. 

It all comes down to the control, having the right control of the pour and movement creates this beautiful chaos of colours and patterns that are just pleasing to the eyes.

We had the privileged to watch her do a demonstration and boy! it was just mesmerising. We watched Tina creates all these beautiful patterns, it was like a chaos scene of paints moving on the canvas, but when it was done, it was a magnet to the eyes.

The “Sip & Pour: Oh, What A Life!” will be on display until 21st March 2022 at G Art Gallery which is located at the lobby. The art gallery is currently showcasing 20 pieces of Tina's gorgeous pieces which are available for sale, with price ranging from RM350 to RM3888.

For those keen on purchasing Tina's artwork, you may approach the reception counter for assistance.

Thank you G Hotel Gurney for the invitation.

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