Nando’s Vusa XXHot: Fierce is the New Flavour!

Nando’s Vusa XXHot: Fierce is the New Flavour! 

Nando’s Vusa XXHot

Nando’s Malaysia is releasing an all-new limited-edition flavour, which is the fiercest flavour yet. Friends, say hello to the Vusa XXHot flavour, which is on the highest level of Nando’s PERi-ometer that you all know and love - yes, it’s above Extra Hot! This May 2022 until 4 September 2022, daredevils who’re looking to challenge themselves can enjoy the new Vusa XXHot Flavour - a whole new world of flavour and heat in all your favourite ways of enjoying Nando’s. 

Made using an age-old recipe featuring a combination of African Bird’s Eye Chilli, lemon and garlic, this limedited edition - Vusa XXHot is the fiercest flavour on the menu - experiences the intense heat, intense flavour, and the South African flavour all in one bite!

Since 1998, Malaysians have grown to love Nando’s for its delicious and fiery PERi-PERi chicken, and also for the fun, warm, colourful and multicultural vibe inspired by our South African roots. Nando’s Malaysia wants Malaysians to fire up their tastebuds and bring their dining experience with Nando's to a whole new level with Nando’s Vusa XXHot flavour. 

This limited edition, Nando’s Vusa XX Hot meal is now available in outlets nationwide until 4 September 2022. For more information, please visit, or follow Nando’s Malaysia at,, or

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