Did You Know? The Alley Beverages Were Handpicked By World Class Sommeliers

 Did You Know? The Alley Beverages Were Handpicked By World Class Sommeliers

Many tea brands and boba tea brands have continued to pop up since the initial hype years ago as the crave for tea beverages among Malaysians is still prominent to this day. The speciality about tea is that it acts as a mood booster, to satisfy various sorts of cravings. Craving for some dessert, a snack, a thirst quencher, the Malaysian go to choice are various types of tea. 

The Alley just a couple months ago competed against more than 2,000 food and beverages brands from around the globe and judged by some of the world's best sommeliers. They were then granted the Superior Taste Award 2021 for their Royal No.9 Milk Tea as well as their White Peach Oolong Tea. Thanks to this prestigious award, Malaysians get the chance to try drinks awarded by an organization called International Taste Institute (iTQi) also known as the ‘Michelin of the food industry’. 

Just like all The Alley tea beverages, the teas used are of the highest quality as the tea leaves go through a process of being carefully handpicked, processed, aged and then roasted with other quality ingredients to ensure the taste and fragrance of the tea leaves leave drinkers feeling content.  

Here is what captured the hearts of world renown sommeliers that won The Alley the world-class iTQi award: -

White Peach Oolong Tea
The oolong tea that goes into making the white peach oolong tea in particular, comes from Taiwan, were carefully handpicked and goes through light fermentation to give the tea a more mellow taste. The aromatic oolong tea is then uniquely paired with white peach which creates a refreshing, light and fruity flavour. This perfectly brewed white peach oolong tea is a thirst quencher that won the hearts of the world’s best sommeliers as well as the hearts of tea lovers across Malaysia.

Royal No. 9 Milk Tea

The Alley’s Royal No.9 Milk Tea has been an Alley-ian fan-favourite for quite some time and also one of the two drinks that won this prestigious award. The Alley’s Royal No. 9 Milk Tea is made with black tea that hails from Sri Lanka. These Sri Lankan black tea leaves are carefully selected and roasted well enough till a golden milk tea ratio is formed that produces a unique hint of blueberry. This unique blend of milk and black tea with a hint of blueberry is what won The Alley yet another world-renowned award. 

Malaysians can get these two delectable beverages, Royal No. 9 Milk Tea and White Peach Oolong Tea at any of The Alley outlets across Malaysia from only RM9.90.

For added value, download the BANM Alley application and create an account, reload the e-wallet and order your favourite The Alley beverages to enjoy RM1 cashback with every purchase and other perks. 

To find out more about The Alley’s events and promotions, do follow The Alley Malaysia’s Facebook page as well as Instagram at @thealley.my.

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