The Alley Is Saddled Up And Ready To Get You Well-caffeinated

 The Alley Is Saddled Up And Ready To Get You Well-caffeinated 

The Alley Releases Four New Coffee-Based Beverages and a Hojicha Cocoa

Lifestyle tea brand, The Alley is set to launch a range of coffee-based beverages as well as a special-tea beverage both in their Coffee Series and Limited-Time Series for coffee and tea lovers across Malaysia. Alley-ians will be able to indulge in The Alley’s all new Signature Iced Coffee, Mocha and Cappuccino drinks from its Coffee Series at only RM12.90.

 The Alley will also be releasing their special Limited-Time Series drinks, Earl Grey Coffee and Hojicha Cocoa at only RM10.90 and RM12.90 respectively. All five beverages will be available from 27th of June 2022 onwards at selected The Alley stores across Malaysia.     

“We know that coffee is one of the leisures in life many of us Malaysians sought after on a daily basis. This is why we are releasing four brand new selections of caffeinated drinks for our beloved Alleyians to choose from as their daily pick-me-up. What’s more is that our fans have the choice to customise their beverage with a variety of toppings available at The Alley,” said Ng Ching Wai, Chief Executive Officer of The Alley Malaysia.

The Alley’s Premium Coffee Series

Apart from the three beverages offered in The Alley’s Coffee Series which is the Americano, Latte and Matcha Coffee, The Alley will be releasing an additional selection of Mocha, Signature Coffee and Cappuccino for Malaysian coffee enthusiasts to have the freedom to select their preferred coffee. Mocha is a coffee-based beverage suitable for those who fancy the taste of chocolate with a subtle hint of coffee while Cappuccino is a coffee drink that is espresso-based mixed with steamed milk and topped off with milk foam.             

The Signature Coffee is a must-drink special from The Alley’s Coffee Series as it contains fresh coffee beans and premiumly brewed complimented with quality milk for coffee drinkers to enjoy a wholesome and satisfactory cup of coffee.             

The Alley’s Exclusive Limited-Time Series

The Alley will also be launching two limited-edition beverages under their Limited-Time Series, Earl Grey Coffee and Hojicha Cocoa. Earl Grey Coffee is the unique blend of earl grey tea leaves infused in milk and topped off with brewed coffee to enjoy a cosy cup of fragrant floral tea with a light kick of caffeine, perfect for both tea and coffee lovers.

 For all those who are non-coffee drinkers, The Alley presents their all-new Hojicha Cocoa. The Hojicha Cocoa is a beverage that encapsulates the earthy aroma of the hojicha green tea leaves and the chocolatey goodness of cocoa which makes for a suitable beverage choice when you need to wind-down.

 The Alley’s five new additions in the Coffee Series and Limited-Time Series will be available in both hot and cold options at a generous serving of 500ml per cup. 

For more information on The Alley’s Coffee and Limited-Time Series, stay tuned to The Alley’s Malaysia Facebook page and Instagram at

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